A NARRATIVE OF OFF-CAMPUS EXPERIENCES IN RCA COMPUTER SALES & SERVICES LUCENA CITY A Report Submitted to: Ms. CHERRY ANN MENDEZ Southern Luzon State University Gumaca Campus Gumaca, Quezon In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements In On the Job Training 1 By: CHEYNARRD B. ORATE JUNE 2011 SOUTHERN LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY GUMACA CAMPUS GUMACA QUEZON APPROVAL SHEET In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Summer On Job Training Program.

This report entitled “A NARRATIVE REPORT OF OFF – CAMOUS EXPERIENCES IN RCA COMPUTER SALES ANG SERVICES, LUCENA CITY “ has been prepared and submitted by CHEYNARRD BENIPAYO ORATE is hereby recommended for approval. MS. CHERRY ANN MENDEZ Coordinator Chairman DR. FELIX B. LAMPOS JR. OIC- Gumaca Campus Accepted as partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Summer On Job Training 1 with the rating of 1. 5 Approved: MS. CHERRY ANN MENDEZ On Job Training Coordinator ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

It is a great pleasure to acknowledge with sincere gratitude and appreciation all those who have contributed in one way or another to the successful accomplishment of this narrative report. Without their support and contributions, this narrative report would not have been completed. To my co-OJT John Ralp Fabroa for being helpful and being nice to me Ms. Cherry Ann Mendez our OJT coordinator for his guidance support during our OJT. Finally, to my family who gave moral and financial supports. Above all to our Almighty God the source of all Goodness and Graces

DEDICATION This compilation denotes a grateful gratitude to the following notable persons who rendered their immeasurable supports. To my family who are my inspirations and who gave their moral and financial supports. To my friends who always give me advices with regards to my problem. CHEYNARRD BENIPAYO ORATE INTRODUCTION The Diploma in Industrial Technology Major in Computer Technology intends to produce an efficient and effective technician because the students in this subject will learn how to apply what they have learned from their professor.

It is a really big help for me that i am enrolled in on this On Job Training because we will be trained to become a better and good technician someday. You will manage how to face the common problems that will be surely encountered during the actual works or training. Most of all I learned that time is very precious, that every minute’s counts, so now I will spend it wisely. OBJECTIVES OF TRAINING To trained my knowledge for being a better technician in the near future. To be familiarized in the different problems of one computer. To depend on my own opinion how to solve such a problem and not to depend on others.

To know what is the problem of the computer in the way of troubleshooting and to experience the world of working. WORK ACCOMPLISHMENTS On my training in RCA Computer Sales and Services I able to apply my skill in their because we usually assemble a computer which is being teach in my beloved school which is Southern Luzon State University Gumaca Campus which located here in Gumaca Quezon. How to handle the parts of the computer with care and where to hold it because some parts of the computer is sensitive. How to put it carefully don’t need to be scratch, properly inserted the screw and proper tighten it.

Then one time a customer came and ask how much for the speaker, their two speaker with a different price so I do the sales talk what our my sales clerk do because that time there are my customer that being entertained asking price and what parts are better for their computer and then I told to our customer what are the different of the two and best speaker is the one who has the higher price of course so that we have a sales and then we tested it and our customer satisfied with the sound then our customer said ok I will buy then how cookie crumble I made a sales and I know to communicate to the customer.

The other is not very simple I got into a service to the Maritime at Enverga University i just bought their power supply and put it on their unit then back to RCA. Then a service again one customer buys a full set of computer monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset, webcam, computer table with chairs and the system unit of course and they requested to setup their unit on their home and then I volunteer to came with them and our sales clerk agree with that so where at their house I setup their unit and that’s it and I am not waiting for any tip for what I done then suddenly they me a two pieces of “Balot” how lucky I am then I said thank you.

Their business is distributing a “Balot” in some place in lucena to sell it just sharing. This is what we usually do in everyday when we go to our training first is to clean the place. Then a customer came brought their system unit then our head technician ask what is the problem of their unit then we get the unit bring in the tech room to be troubleshoot then when it is finish to troubleshoot we tell to the customer what is the problem of their unit.

If the problem is the operating system we will reformat it because that what our head technician told to us and I always volunteer do to that because I know how to do it because as I said our school teach that and the one teach us is no other than Ms. Cherry Ann Mendez. Thank you so much mam. And John Ralp and I is the must advance knowledge with our co-ojt because some of them don’t how to troubleshoot, how to go in cmos bios set-up. PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED AND SOLUTIONS OFFERED

If you go in RCA lucena Branch and you are going to buy a ten unit of computer full set with table and chair you need to wait for one week or more because they don’t have any stock there they ordered it in the main office. Here’s a problem the RCA today is not the apple of the eye that you know it. Because the owner of RCA has a little problem with the supplier because some of the products are owe by the owner of RCA and not being paid so that the delivery on each branch is being delayed. Just sharing for information) Then were in the lucena branch of RCA on the first day of our training nothings seems to be worry as the days go on some customer asking for the products that their ordered and their get a no answer we said that “sir/mam we don’t have a delivery of the products that you order came back again next week maybe we have your ordered products. Some customer waited for almost three months and they did not get their ordered product even if they paid the half price of the product.

Then another customer buying for one system unit some parts of the computer needed to assemble is available there in RCA and some parts is not available so our sales clerk need a sales and she need a local source of course they accepted it then our sales clerk ask for one trainee because she will be asking to buy the other parts in another store there is no illegal their because its business the bad part is the store that you’re going to brought the products, because they saying a bad thing on the part of RCA if they know that the one who’s buying is from RCA and I am the one who always buy the part of the computer needed for assemble and released for the customer.

And here the one problem that Ralp and I encountered not with RCA but inside the RCA with our Co-Ojt there are super “TAMAD GRABE” here a setting our head branch calling for one trainee just to buy a mineral water just across the street and I know that they here that but there ignore it then a second call and I am inserting the MOBO on the casing because there some ordered to be released then suddenly one of my co-ojt pointed me and tell me that “hey cheynarrd mam gina asking you to buy her a mineral water” then I leave what I’m doing and pass it to them then I went outside to buy a mineral. If you are on the job training you should follow what your superior told do so. That’s my problem encounter and solution’s offered. JUSTIFICATION

At the end of my training I will definitely say thanks for everything that I learned in RCA Computer Sales and Services and I will really miss all the bonding all the laughs, jokes to my co-OJT namely Jayson, Ricky, Jeff, Allan, Big, Espinar, Tangkad, Willard, Crystal, Mich and specially my partner John Ralp to our technician namely Sir Mike, Sir Ronnie and Sir Kenneth and to our head branch Mam Gina and our sales clerk Mam Jhona thanks again. I learned here how to communicate to my supervisor to my co-OJT and to the RCA customer and should I say that I really improve my skill here like assembling a computer using safety precaution and disassembling computer parts and peripherals. I also learned here what is the basic troubleshooting and how to troubleshoot as well and I put some flow chart attached here in my narrative report.

I also improve me skill here and learned software and hardware installation and windows installation and being patient will installing. And also I learned here you should be memories the product key of your operating system like Windows XP service pack two because will you are in the field or servicing to your customer you don’t have to get your notes and then type it if you get what I’m saying. Here’s what product key that I been memories will I was there at RCA Computer Sales and Services K2KB2-BDBGV-KP686-D8T7X-HDMQ8 it is for all services pack two only. And I also learned here how to test your power supply if it is working or not. Maybe that’s all folks PICTURES/ENDURSEMENT