Small. Young. Lenten.

Alienable. Weak. These are words of how most of the people describe me especially now that I am taking the risky path of being a doctor. They believe that I would fail or that maybe, I can't do anything with the course I am taking. However, I Just laugh their thoughts off.

This is because for me, I know I can do things and in fact as of now, I am starting to become a good doctor already by planning and doing things on how to promote civic consciousness and do my role in nation building.Know more about yourself and the people around you. This not only meaner getting information about me but also my family, the people around me, the nation and the whole world. This process is essential because how could I help when I don't know anything? How would I know which solution should I suggest or impose when I don't have the roots of the problem? It would Just probably make things worse when I try to solve something without any know-wows in that matter.

That's why as of now, I am watching news on TV, I am reading newspapers whenever there is one at home and I am using the Internet to gain more knowledge. Share what you have. Of course, when I know things it is but proper to share it with people around me. This is because if there are a lot of people who would know about things that matters them, then more people can help me with my cause. More people can then act towards the betterment of our country.

Volunteer for organizational and community works. This is a common answer of every person when asked what he/she can do for his/her country.However, it is still one of the best ways of directly helping our country's development and it is for the season that when we do volunteer works, we are personally in contact with other fellow Filipinos while doing something to improve the state of our nation. When we are in contact with other Filipinos, we are united and thus we communicate our causes with each other. While on the other hand, when we are doing something to improve the state of our nation, we are helping little by little to raise our country from the mountain of problems. Putting these two together, it would surely be a strong weapon of our country.

Practice your culture and values. It is a prerequisite for nation-building to preserve and keep our values and culture. That is why in order to do my role in this nation-building process; I must practice all the values that I have learned. Moreover, I must also incorporate some more Filipino values that I would learn while studying Medicine. When I do this, I would be able to learn and nurture Filipino culture and values that I have.

Then in the end, I might be able to impart some of these with my patients, family, and friends. Study pretty well and become a good doctor.Deciding to be in this path, I must sure that I would really be a helpful doctor. But in order to do that, I must study really, really, really hard.

Furthermore, I must also strive to be a good doctor and that meaner to be a doctor for service and not for money. When I envision myself to be like this, I am already starting to do my heavy but fruitful role in our country. Do personal changes that can help. Starting with me is a good way to help my country. This is because when I change not for worse but for the better, I become more successful at what I'm supposed to do.For example, when sometimes I tend to e lazy and then I try to change it by becoming responsible, I then become more productive and thus can do more things like more volunteer works, more idea of conceptualization for knowledge sharing, etc.

Yes, we might not realize it but this personal change can really do so much more. Love what you're doing. Of course, I think the most important part for nation- building is to love what I do for my country. It is for the reason that, when I have this kind of attitude, there is nothing surely that can prevent me for helping my country grow. Vive seen it.

Vive seen when people gave up on our country that they don't do anything anymore for our beloved nation. Vive seen when people still love our country and still persevere until the end of their lives. And of these scenarios, I chose the latter. I would surely love my country no matter what happens and do whatever it takes to make it better. I have clearly a lot of plans and visions for my country. But still, I am hoping that I am not the only one who has these.

For the greater the number of your plans, the greater the will we have and thus the greater the power we can achieve to help our beloved country.