Realizing what our fears are Most people do not realize how much nature gives them nor do they realize why they have opportunities.

Sometimes people just go by what seems better; they get deceive by big cities and luxurious belongings but, honesty is what they fear when returning to their origin. “When people go to Johannesburg, they do not come back. They go to Johannesburg, and there they are lost. And no one hears of them at all” (Pg 39).In the book, Cry, the Beloved Country, written by Alan Paton, the main character Stephen Kumalo fears going to the big city of Johannesburg because he knew that there he would face situations that will make him doubt of his faith.

Kumalo’s journey over in the big city helped him face his fears and become stronger for his loved ones and also for himself. Kumalo also knows that Johannesburg or South Africa itself was a country where injustice ruled.The whites lived in the best areas of it and the blacks would always get the left over. Blacks or natives, as they were called in South Africa, were always left out, they never got the good land nor did they get the best houses.

The natives carried a big pity for themselves, they feared and wondered when this situation would end and if it will ever end, how would the whites act towards them. “I have one great fear in my heart, that one day when they are turned to loving, they will find we are turned to hating” (Pg 71).Feature Article - James Joyce AnalysisMost white people treated the natives bad and basically with no rights but some of them helped them to succeed and even to survive. Many strikes were carried out by natives to try to change the situation of injustice and prejudice they were suffering.

These strikes made them suffer the lack of transportation which caused that they had to walk long distances to go to work. Many white people touched their heart and decided to help them. “I am asking no money…then take me to court” (Pg 81). This quote was said by a white man who gave the natives rides so that they...