"Hey, [insert name]? Whassup? " I yelled from the tree, but [insert name] didn't hear me. So I had to grab another apple and then climb down from my tree to go talk to him. By the time I got over to [insert name], he was just sitting there in the grass like a zombie with this stupid grin on his face, staring off into space. "Wassup workboy? " I asked as I plopped down onto the freshly cut grass beside [insert name]. Well, he told me what's up alright: endolphins! Oh, yeah! [Insert name] was getting paid a whole ten dollars to get high.

I didn't understand what [insert name] was talking about with this dolphin high, but then I kinda' figured out what he was trying to say. If I ran around the yard really fast with the lawnmower, my brain would get endolphins that make you high. So, I grabbed the lawnmower and raced off to finish mowing the grass so that I could be high too. It worked! We sat there laughing about being paid to get high. The rest of my summer vacation was spent mowing grass, painting a garage, and in helping my dad put new cupboards into the kitchen for my mom.

They never suspected that I was getting high on dolphins while I was working. Parents are pretty dumb about that stuff; they thought that I was smiling because I liked getting paid. Well, the pay was good too because I made enough to buy a new [insert item] at a back to school sale. On this summer vacation I learned that I want to exercise more so that I can play sports at school, and then teach the whole team how to get high on endolphins. Adults are so stupid trying to get high on drugs and alcohol while dolphins are still legal.

Kids are smart. We know a good thing when we see it. There's nothing like spending your summer vacation getting high legally, and getting paid to go do it. [Teachers name] I asked my Mom to read this summer vacation essay before I turn it in, and she wants you to write her a note that I can take home with me to explain what endolphins are. My big sister says they are endorphins, not dolphins, but she always lies to me to get me in trouble at back to school time. Thank you. The end.