I. Introduction: Cancun, Mexico is a good place to conduct a vacation because of the beauty and wonder that the place evokes as well as the historical places that can be visited.

A. It is in the Benito Juarez municipality and is home to world renowned tourist resorts.

B. The city started developing in 1970 and grew rapidly in the 1980s up to this time. 1. There are now around 600,000 residents in the area. 2. In spite of the damages of previous hurricanes, it still stands and continues to thrive.

C. The weather of Cancun is also conducive for visitors. 1. Although the temperature of the city is warm, it is cooled by breeze that circulates in the area. 2. Temperature is usually between 26°C and 36°C. To ease the heat, most hotel rooms are air conditioned. 3. The weather, however, changes often with sunshine and rain alternating.

II. There are a variety of places and activities that tourists can enjoy in Cancun, Mexico.

A. There are several restaurants in the city where tourists can enjoy the sights and the food of Cancun. 1. Some of the restaurants in the area include: Maguey Cantina, Cocina Grill, Splash Restaurant and Zandunga Cantina Beach. 2. Hotels in the area also have restaurants where tourists can spend their time.

B. The nightlife of Cancun is full of vibrancy. 1. There are bars and restaurants where tourists can enjoy salsa and Cuban motifs. 2. Various types of clubs are also open for different types of people. The more famous hangout places are Radisson Hacienda Cancún, and Best Western Plaza Caribe among others.

C. Another important destination in Cancun is the ruins of a Mayan civilization. 1. Very near the hotel zone, the Ruinas del Rey can be found. 2. Another ruin, El Meco, can be found along the road to Punta Sam, which is almost outside the city. 3. These ruins provide a window to the past and evoke a sense of wonder in tourists, as well as in the residents of the area.

III. Cancun is very accessible for tourists coming from the United States and other Western countries.

A. It is only 1.5 hours away from Miami, four hours from Chicago and New York.

B. Several airline companies travel to Cancun daily. 1. These airlines include Continental, Aeromexico, Delta, Northwest and USAirways among others. 2. The airfare ranges from $419-$450.

C. Once in Cancun, tourists can take a bus or a government-subsidized cab to take him to the hotel area.

IV. Conclusion: Cancun, Mexico is a good place for tourists to unwind, relax and forget their cares. Moreover, they can enjoy the beaches, the nightlife, the restaurants, and the ruins of ancient Mayan civilization and also the company of other tourists in the area.