As many American girls, I have grown up dreaming of my wedding day. I pictured myself in a stunning, white gown, standing next to someone who resembled the black Ken doll, the male Barbie. I would vision a crowd of friends and family that were there to see me enter into a never ending fairytale. For some reason, I always left the most important part out. Which is, having the man that God created just for me ask me to marry him. I experienced a life defining moment on January 15, 2004. That was the day that Demetrius, also known as the most perfect man in the world, asked me to marry him. The weather that day was so nice, the sun was shining, and the air was fresh and crisp. We decided to take a walk in the park to admire the scenery. I did notice that Demetrius’s smile was a little wider than normal, and I assumed he was up to something. I had no idea of what he was about to do. When he asked if we could sit on the bench so he could give me a foot massage, I was positive that something was about to happen. I went along with him, anxious to see what he had in store. About twenty minutes passed before he casually asked “where do you see us in five years? ” As I thought of the answer to that question, he stared right into my eyes. I answered, “Happy no matter where just happy. That’s when he gave me a soft kiss on the lips and dropped to one knee. I closed my eyes and thought wow, is this really happing. I was in shock. When I opened my eyes to look at Demetrius, he had pulled the ring out of his pocket and pushed it towards me. Alisha, will you marry me? ” he asked. He anxiously waited for an answer while I sat there speechless. He finally interrupted the chaos that was going through my mind by saying, “Well? ” I stumbled across the words, “Of course. ” That was such a great day. I knew, without a doubt, that this was the man that I am supposed to marry. This is the man that I will grow with, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I praise God for sending such a wonderful person into my life.