Multicultural Education: (Amer. Educators Encyclopedia) curricula designed to recognize the integrity, contributions, strengths, and viability of different cultural, language, and social groups in society.
-Its about creating structures and processs that allow for the expression of many civilizations, communities and individuals we are.

-Each group has a different history of why they immigrated and their experience. US is an intellectual and fast paced country, its a melting pot, each culture combined with another makes the US what it is today - so therefore we should learn about every origin and its contributions.
1) Who is benefiting from the education?
2) How should we present the material in a way so as to offend the least amount of people?
Hispanic Facts
Dropout rates
-High school drop out rates are more than double that of white students
-Most dropouts are:
Above age (2 levels behind)
Low grades
Behavioral problems
Low income families, no encouragement
Low educational attainment
-Drop out to help family (Hispanic culture family = core of life).
-Ethnic identities influence their self esteem and assimilation into a culture- hence not as much effort dedicated to schooling.
-Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic group in the US public schools.
-2 Factors that standout out are a.) segregation b) bilingual education
-1 out of 4 Americans identify themselves as black Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander or American Indian.
-In 1996 950 Hispanics received their doctorates (2nd lowest compared to Indians)
26,363 whites received it.Answers
-The more ethnically integrated a school system is, the easier it will be for a teacher to develop a well rounded teaching style that would in turn benefit all students.
-Teachers should attend workshops on Ethnicity and culture.
-States and Federal Govt should either provide special funds to teach minority children in their own language (which may hurt them b/c English is a crucial element to get ahead)
teach both English and Spanish (which is proven to higher GPAs and credits)
-2 way bilingual education: giving English speaking students the chance to learn Spanish and vice-versa.
-Schools should provide a) multicultural instructionb) sensitivity
-Social studies should be taught from a global perspective
-Teachers could have cultural food and costume day (younger grades)
-Early learning of Languages and Songs.
-* We need to think of ourselves as a whole, rather than people from different places, b/c we are ultimately made up of many different cultures and ethnicities.
-* We need to strengthen diversification.
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