According to this five forces analysis, it is evident that the threat of rivalry is very high as an external force in the PC and the mobile phone industry as well as in the MP3 player. This is also true in the online music industry. The power of suppliers is the highest external force.

However, in the trend seen in the market place, it seems to be destroying the boundaries that exist in each industry. However, it is evident that in the market, a MP3 is not the some audio device anymore. However, it is getting to be more enhanced as a tool for full-motion videos and data storing which is the area of the PC’s. In addition, a mobile phone is also not the only tool for the calling and receiving, but takes the role of a digital camera. As a result of these trends, Apple has emerged to be a very successful company in the analysis of the market profitability as well as in the adoption of the innovative strategies through catching the changes that exist in the market trends.

In addition, the most recent step to the mobile industry seems that it is the only way that is best to utilize and maximize the competitive advantage by integrating the PC, MP3 player, as well as, other online music industry.