[pic] DELTARES INTERNSHIP MOTIVATION LETTER Tiaravanni Hermawan My concern about Indonesia’s infrastructure is started when I joined HMS, an association for Civil Engineering at Institute Technology Bandung. HMS conducts project, which related with education and community development. The projects are all about constructing long-term public facilities like water installation, school, and bridge. On the early 2012, I was chosen to be the head of Public Relation.

The frequent discussion with the local residents encourages me to have a better understanding about the significance role of adequate infrastructure in increasing their quality of lives. The resources of Indonesia might be answering the needs of appropriate infrastructure. Three years spent in Civil Engineering is enough for a realization how potential Indonesia is. Indonesia is also the biggest archipelago in the world.

In my opinion, human and natural resources is not an inheritance by the ancients, but something we should preserve for the next descendants. Some of Indonesia’s biggest assets are water resources. The development of water in Indonesia deserves considerable attention from the government. The enormous probable mistake in management planning of water resources will be courting dangerous catastrophe. Fortunately, Civil Engineering in Indonesia already has water resources development in its sub-major and I want to study about it for the next year.

My interest in Water Recourses Technology in Netherland started in January. I had chosen to be Indonesian’s ambassador and had a Euro Trip from the government. When I was visiting Netherland, i was really amazed in fast-growing development of Civil Engineering in Netherland, especially in water infrastructure. After a discussion with Professor Eelco Van Beek, I have more motivation for applying an internship in a project in Deltares, especially a project about Bandung water resources.

It will be applicable for my final project in my university. This internship will also help me to enrich my knowledge about Water Engineering and Research in Netherland. I am highly dedicated person and believed in hard work. I am ready to be committed with Deltares after my internship. I already enclosed a recommendation letter from ITB’s Hydraulics Professor, Mr Iwan Kridasantausa. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you may need anything related with internship. ----------------------- [pic]