Blood and Oil is a phenomenon documentary by Michael Klare that advances various concepts of the class system theory. This is clear from the use of military forces to attain various objectives, such as dominance in oil fields.

Even before the gulf war United States government deployed military forces to Saudi Arabia regions. Although, the nation’s main goal is to protect their chief source of oil supply, it has resulted in the increased death rates in the regions. According to Klare, the presence of military in oil mining areas is classified as a form of outside invasion. In most cases, such case results in war claiming millions of lives. The key concept brought forward by Klare’s documentary is imperialism. The concept characterizes a situation where a country economically exploits another nation.

In reference to the film, United States Government’s control over oil in Saudi Arabia emphasizes the magnitude of imperialism between the two nations. The growth rate of Saudi Arabia has been hampered by imperialism of United States nation. This occurrence is in an attempt to control oil, which is a key economic factor in the region. Constant wars against Imperialism of the US by Saudi Arabia nations have caused numerous deaths over the years.

These efforts would have otherwise been used for economic developments. Dependency theory, a concept of globalization, can also be deduced from the Blood and Oil film. It is the theory which characterizes the flow of economic resources from undeveloped countries to the first world developed nations. This occurrence enriches the letter countries at the expense of the poor and rather undeveloped states.

Domination of US in Saudi Arabia’s oil fields through the provision of mining capital and resources increases the gains of US government at the expense of the Arabic nations. Poor nations continue to be impoverished, while the rich countries are in the process of gaining wealth. Various critiques to imperialism, such as Vladimir L. Lenin, would support the concept, sighting that imperialism evidences the superiority of a nation. The US government, being economically superior to Saudi nations, would be able to exploit the untapped potential in the oil industry. This happens through the provision of capital and oil mining infrastructures.

Other critiques, such as Amir Samir, would be against dependency concept, citing that it facilitates national reforms and economic developments in the undeveloped nations.