When reading Franz Kafkas, The Metamorphosis there are three main insecurities that Gregor Samsa experiences. The title The Metamorphosis, suggests that changes in Samsas life are causing him to feel insecure about the relationships between: Gregor and himself, Gregor and his job, and Gregor and his family.First, Gregor starts to feel insecure about himself when he first discovers that he has turned into a insect.

Instead of trying to face his problems, he thinks, What about sleeping a little longer and forgetting all this nonsense. One would think that Gregor would be more concerned and deal with his problems rather than trying to sleep them off.Second, while still lying in bed Gregor decides he dislikes his job. Oh God, he thought, what an exhausting job Ive picked on!.

Its much more irritating work than doing the actual business in the office. Gregor decides his job is not worth getting up for. His dislike for his work is another factor keeping him in bed.Finally, when Gregor decides to get out of bed he does not feel like his family is behind him. He thinks, they should all have shouted encouragement to him, his mother and father to: Go on Gregor, they should have called out, keep going, hold on to that key! He feels like his family is not supporting him through the changes he is going through. In Gregors eyes he has hit the lowest point possible in his life and he feels like his family dose not care enough to show support and encourage him to feel better.

The reason why the chief clerk and Gregors family react the way they do is because they are showing there true personalities toward Gregor. The chief clerk was stunned and unsure of Gregor so he backed away. His mother looked at her husband for an answer first, then took two steps toward him, as if to help him, but collapsed before reaching him. Finally his fathers first reaction was to punch him for the problems he had caused, but restrained himself and started to cry.