It measures relating to profitability include the margin on a unit of product and on products sold through different channels. A. Profitability Metrics c. Sales and Channel Metrics b.

Pricing Metrics d. Customer Profitability Metrics 2. It Include measures of awareness, knowledge, beliefs, purchase intentions, loyalty, willingness to recommend, satisfaction, and willingness to search. A. Consumer Metrics c. Profitability Metrics d.

Sales and Channel Metrics 3.Metrics that examine the performance of individual customer relationships. A. Customer Profitability Metrics c. Profitability Metric b. Sales and Channel Metric d.

Pricing Metrics 4. Measures assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the systems that provide customers with reasons and opportunities to buy the product. A. Sales and Channel Metrics c.

Consumer Metrics d. Profitability Metrics 5. Metrics that relevant to evaluating pricing alternatives. A. Pricing Metrics b.

Sales and Channel Metrics d. Promotion Metrics 6. Metrics that evaluate the effectiveness of sales promotions. A. Promotion Metrics .Sales and Channel Metrics d.

Profitability Metrics 7. Metrics that reveal how many people may be exposed to an advertising campaign. A. Advertising, Medal and Web Metrics c. Promotion Metrics 8.

It is relative to other brands in the set of being considered. A. Familiarity c. Loyalty b. Penetration d. Availability 9.

It is the net proof after tax. A. Economic Profit c. Net Present Value b. Sales Profit.