1 The example of toys.

Com suggests that multinational retailers are more likely to experience long-run success In the Internet economy than are pure-play Internet retailers. Take a position on this conjecture and defend your position. Is there anything to learn from the profitability and sales growth chart In Figure 3. 5 (peg. 74) In this regard? There is plenty to learn from the profitability and sales growth chart.

To have a successful business you must have profitable sales.Increasing sales does not mean lowering the price, it means explaining the value that the customer is receiving for their investment. 2 Consider Figure 3. 5 (peg. 74) and the differences in profitability and sales growth between the three firms.

Are there any other factors other than those mentioned in the text that explain the differences in profitability and sales growth between these companies? I Just wanted to add the importance of going above and beyond the product or service you offer and think about your customer service.Although the text was very detailed and explained all the factors that I feel are necessary for profitability. 3 Explain the "customer lifetime value" concept. CLC (Customer Lifetime Value) Is a prediction of all the value a business will derive from their entire relationship with a customer.

Thinking about a specific firm, how could It use the concept of CLC to increase the overall profitability of its customer base? Specifically the firm I work Appealed Tax Consulting is the firm I chose. I believe the value of any product or service should remain consistent and reliable.In a supervisory position such as the one I maintain. Its important to instill in my team mates the importance of building "CLC.

4 What do you think the future is for customized products? The future for customized products is growing. Personally, I love customized items; everyone wants things exclusive to only them. I know my mother for one thing she Is very well off so Its hard finding a gift that's to her liking. I make It my business to have whatever I send her customized that way I know she will appreciate and use It.