This reoccurred is analogous to sending and receiving a letter. Originally, email messages were restricted to simple text, but now many systems can handle more complicated formats, such as graphics and word processed documents. Email can be exchanged with most national and international networks. Disadvantages: Missing context of the message Misunderstanding massages Some people don't have computers, or don't use them on the regular bases Lack of network Advantages: Flexible response time Can be sand anywhere in the worldWe can use mobile phones to send or check our emails Be mail you can send documents, images, letters, offers, etc. Don't need to be personal Telephone Telephone communication is one of the most widespread and expeditious forms of communication; it provides for the exchange of information in all areas of human endeavourer, including industry, agriculture, government, science, culture, public health, and personal services.

It is a transmission of speech over a distance either by electronic signals or by radio signals.It permits conversations to be carried on between people separated by almost any distance. Disadvantages: Staff can take complain as personal criticism Company have to spend a lot of money on training staff to can deal with complains Customers might have problem with understanding staff Customer can feel offence by some of the questions Allows immediate interaction Allows contacting on very big distance It's less personal than face to face contact Customers can call us any time they have some quires Importance of the customer careCustomer service is one of the most important ingredients of the marketing mix for products and services. High quality customer service helps to create customer loyalty. Customers today are not only interested in the product they are being offered but all the additional elements of service that they receive from the greeting they receive when they enter a retail outlet, to the refund and help that they receive when they have a complaint about a faulty product that they have paid for.

Customer service is the overall activity of identifying and satisfying customer need.Being excellent at customer service means you focus on what the customer wants. This also means you focus on what they don't want and if its not important to your customers, should it be important to you. Whether it's an increase in new customers, increased customer loyalty, increased customer satisfaction, increased revenue or all of them, being excellent at customer service means that you see these key performance indicators going in the right direction.