1) Problems with upgrades from Quick books to new accounting software package? How could they have avoided? These problems could have been avoided if when they made the initial decision for replacement of QuickBooks, they should have advised with a finance person before the change and or never made the change in the first place. Quick books was user friendly for the staff, and the newly implemented accounting system was more sophisticated and complicated accounting system than what everyone was used to. Nobody knew how to extract financial or operational data to make critical business decisions. Problems developing reusable reports were also a problem, this became too time consuming. 2) Why did SAP’s Business One prove to be a better choice for Wolf Peak than the new accounting software? Give Examples. SAP was designed specifically for Wolf Peak’s Business, and offered affordable promises and provided rapid return on investments, provided accurate up to the minute view of the business. SAP was a simple environment therefore the employees learned SAP Business One quickly and used it effectively. SAP’s Journey team came to the business to implement and demonstrate how the system worked. The benefits far outweighed the initial costs of original accounting software that was purchased after QuickBooks. XL Reporter is a program that comes with SAP Business One that lets the company builds custom reports that proved extremely helpful. Wolf Peak is now expanding SAP into the warehouse for inventory and management as well as CRM Customer Relationship Management. Overall SAP Business One is fulfilling and assisting all aspects of Wolf Peak’s business. 3) Should most SME’s use an integrated business software suite like Sap Business One instead of specialized accounting and other business software packages? Why or Why not? Reports that used to take months to create can now be created quickly by Business One. Business one creates an environment where the decision makers can get the information they want on a timely basis in a format they understand and can actually use. This program delivers useful information to make good solid business decisions for success. I believe that no individual brand or software is the superior. It is obvious that SAP Business One was a perfect match for Wolf Peak, but in the end, whatever works and proves success for the company’s employees and bottom line is the exact software match for the company. Overall it seems that an easy learning curve and information extraction is best for businesses.