Male Response To The Female Form.. Every action has a reaction. All human beings react to certain situations in certain ways. Little children cringe at the sight of brussel sprouts, people cry at sad movies, and everyone laughs at jokes.

How do men react when they are brought before the nude female form? What is the basis for their reactions? Do people change personalities when exposed to this? I have tried to learn the mysteries behind these questions, and brought myself to many conclusions. The explanations of these questions' answers are not short and simple.They are in fact very complex. To sum up the topic, there is not just one reaction, and this depends on many key factors.

All people change, from a tiny bit to a drastic awakening of a whole second self. The reasons for this are background, previous exposure, mentality, alcohol intake, and age. I believe that changes will occur in an individual when being exposed to a naked woman that will bring out a whole second self in some, while just tiny adjustments in personality will take place in others.Psychologically, men will get aroused by a woman in her nude form and change their ideals, morals and thinking.

This arousal is brought on by the basic instincts of animals that tell them to reproduce. On the other hand I believe that in a few cases men will become more careful and will act out of fear instead of acting out of pure enjoyment in contrast to the others. This will be due to the fact of embarrassment one could get when brought into a new situation. People fear new environments and become withdrawn from their surroundings making themselves feel more safe and secure.To obtain the research and information needed to prove these statements, I must observe other individuals and note their reactions when exposed to female nudity.

I must note behavioral changes, psychological effects, and the conditions in which this all takes place. All details of the setting, behavior, actions, and reactions must be noted. The first place of observation was a nudist village in Clearwater, Florida by the name of Paradise Country Club. Men and women walk around with as little amount of clothing on as one desires.Most people walking around are totally nude and people carry on their usual routines like this.

The first thing I noticed was that the males had no apparent sexual attraction to the females. Physically the males were relaxed and their penises were not in an erected form. There was no staring, awkward looks or sexual gestures. Everyone who had chosen to be nude was totally comfortable around each other.

Dennis Kirkpatrick, a nudist who maintains the rec.nude FAQ's website, claims that " .. For hundreds of years, people have assumed a connection between nudity and sex - after all, the only time many people are nude, other than while bathing, is during sex.Naturists reject this assumption.

Nudity does not automatically lead to sex - and, incidentally, you can have sex with your clothes on. The two are quite simply not related .. " One individual who accompanied me too this site, person L, had been here many times and also quite comfortable there.

He was not naked but did not think twice about the people who were. Nudism or Naturism is not a totally common thing in the United States, but does exist.It is not for sexual purposes, but for the purpose of comfort, health, cleanliness, convenience and fun. It is not meant to arouse people physically or psychologically.

The second site of observation was a strip club located right outside of Gainesville, Florida named Caf Risqu. I accompanied a group of men to the club in hope of seeing some definite behavioral changes. I definitely did get some great observations here. When we arrived, everyone was completely sober and excited.As soon as we stepped in the door of the club behaviors changed drastically.

The whole group quieted down and there were signs of fear in their actions. Person A, 21 years of age, was extremely quiet and withdrawn from the group. This did not change at all through out the visit. He was one of the louder of the group on the way in, but once inside only spoke when he was spoken to.

He was very uncomfortable looking and seemed nervous and fearful.He did not speak in long sentences and responded to others with as little amount of words as possible. Person B on the other hand was totally opposite Person A. He had very little change in behavior.

The loudest out of the group outside the club was also the loudest of the group inside. He was not afraid of the strippers and seemed to have no worries in the world.He retained a smile on his face the whole duration of the visit and never stopped talking. He watched the strip shows intently and yelled and screamed to every woman. Another interesting case was Person C. He was one of the quieter ones going into the club, but once the first stripper came out he was as wild as Person B.

He changed from being withdrawn to being wild as a bull in a fight.The strippers seemed to change his personality from shy and uncertain to letting the animal inside of him take over and let his instincts run the show. Person D was quite intriguing. He was quiet going into the club and remained quiet in the bar. He was shy though.

He seemed relaxed and just enjoying himself quietly instead of being loud and obnoxious like the others.He was comfortable in the way he talked, walked and presented himself. I was quite surprised by this and was very interested in what he was thinking but held myself back from asking. He seemed to enjoy the show but was not vocal about his opinions.

He did not ask for anything and like Person A, he only spoke when spoken to. The third and final site that was visited was Mons Venus strip club in Tampa, Florida. Two more different individuals accompanied me to this high-class expensive strip club. I watched them and every move they made extremely carefully.Both of them were very similar in their reactions to the strippers.

At first they were very shy and quiet, but as the night went on they became more and more obnoxious. They yelled and whistled and let all their morals lose to attract the strippers' attention. Person F was very rude and disrespectful while Person G was extremely flirtatious and arrogant. The two actual yelled at each other because they thought each other were getting more attention.It was eventually settled after the bouncer threatened to kick them out. The research and observations done turned up some very interesting facts and confirmed all most all of my theories.

The most important finding that was observed was that people change their behavioral patterns when put into certain situations. The new situations are usually the ones that bring this out in people. Whether it is the stress of the new environment, the fear of not fitting in, or the chance to be someone different, something makes them change their behavioral patterns.This change could be as large as that seen in Person A or as small as that observed in Person D. We as a society are so used to nudity as a sexual and romantic state that seeing a woman naked can change the behavior of a person so drastically, it makes him a whole new person. Reena Glazer writes: Women's breasts are sexually stimulating to (heterosexual) men, at least in part because they are publicly inaccessible; society further eroticizes the female breast by tagging it shameful to expose .

. This element of the forbidden merely perpetuates the intense male reaction female exposure allegedly inspires. A change in the ethics of individual can also take place when a nude woman is placed before him. Morals are the way we present ourselves to the public and what we believe in to keep us going.By placing a female whose body is exposed in front of Person F and Person G, A change in ethics and morals took place.

The two friends actually almost fought like wild animals over the woman. Two unselfish people became selfish, while in another case two people actually switched roles. Person A and Person C were total opposite in beliefs and ethics. After the entrance of the strip club the two exchanged roles, the louder one became shy and the shy one became obnoxious.Why do we become so violent and obnoxious when brought before a woman who is nude? Paul Ableman writes: We have divorced ourselves from our instincts so conclusively that we are now menaced by their perverted expression. The blocked erotic instinct turns into destructiveness and, in our age, many thinkers have perceived that some of the most ghastly manifestations of human culture are fueled by recycled eroticism.

Channeled into pure cerebration, the sexual instinct may generate nightmares impossible in the animal world. Animals are casually cruel and are usually, not always, indifferent to the pain of other animals. Animals kill for food or, rarely, for sport but they do not torture, gloat over pain or exterminate. We do.

What's more, we can tolerate our own ferocity. What we cannot tolerate is our own sexuality. How can seeing naked women strike fear in a person's mind? It does almost everyday in our society. We are taught that nudity is bad and wrong. We can watch countless shows on television that portray horrific scenes of death, violence and hate yet seeing one sexual reference sends mothers into a frenzy. There is something tragically wrong with this picture.

G-d put us on this earth with no clothing and that was the beauty of us. We were not worried about self-appearance or fearing of mockery. Nudity is not a bad thing for people, yet people treat it as if it were a sin. We fear looking at naked people and the government has even gone as far as putting an age regulation on who is allowed to see it. Fearing a new situation is one thing, but having to fear nudity is another.When one walks into a strip club or a nudist colony, it is logical for us to be afraid because of being introduced to a new situation.

It should be like going to a new school or moving to a new town. People are not usually afraid of the new situation at the strip clubs or nudist colony, they are afraid of being seen there. They are afraid of being yelled at for looking at nudity. They are afraid because we have a notion placed in our heads by our forefathers that tells us that nudity is bad. Unfortunately nudity poses a huge problem in our society in this day and age.

We put a label on everything in our society, and nudity has been given a harsh unwelcome one. We fear being seen nude or watching nudity instead of fearing the situations we put ourselves in. Nudity brings out the animal instinct side of us that rip our ethics apart. This is because the label we have put on it is barbaric.

The label changes our behavior to fit the situation so we are not "out of place." Our society has to open their minds and realize that nudity is not wrong if used in the right way.It does change our behavior. It does change our ethics.

It does make us fearful. All this is only because of the label we put on it a long time ago. This has to change and we have to look through the telescope after we clean the lens.Whether or not we actually take a step forward in evolution is now up to us. Human Sexuality.