The Federal Constitution and till now Is the supreme law. Two types of Malaysian Civil Service was established to Implement the government policy, The Diplomatic Service (PAD) and General Service (PTA). The government was the mall provider of public services. Asses - Tune DRP. Mathis Mohammad (1981 - 2003) became the fourth Prime Minister.

He introduced the Vision 2020, Malaysian incorporated, appropriation and Colonization policy to change and improve the government. Several government agencies were privatized egg; Telecoms and TNT.He established many government Manpower Planning Unit was established. The major government activities was on development of mega projects such as (development of KALI). Public administration has become the major provider and facilitator of private activities.

1996 the government introduced MASC. and e-government as the new initiative to increase the application of CIT in the public sector. POI source of financing of government projects (development highways PLUS). Year 2000 - Tune Abdullah Madam Bawd (2003 - 2009) as the fifth Prime Minister. Not many policy changes was introduced.

The principles of Islam Hadrian, Concept of good governance and integrity (NIP) in the public sector was also introduced. The enhancement of CIT applications in the public sector. Government website as the online media to disseminate information and deliver services. * 2009 - Dates Series Mood Ninja Tune Raze became the sixth Prime Minister.

After the appointment, he Introduced 1 Malaysia concept. Ninja is also introducing KIP to ensure that every government agencies achieve the targets set by the government in levering public services to citizens.The slogan "Rackety adulation Phoenician did automata". The development or evolution of public administration in a particular country is significantly related to the social and economic development of the state.

The government and public administration is transforming themselves to maximize public value. The existence of contemporary public administration is significantly related to the past and present scenario to ensure that citizens get the best assistance from the government.