Within SPY we will provide counseling, treatment, Inspirational speakers, and a place for our youth to be themselves with no pressures, or judgments. We will have activities for our youth that will be free of charge. We will have open mimic for people to tell their stories about their struggles and fears.

SPY will hold annual fishing tournaments for the youth and their families to get out and spend time together. SPY will hold weekly seminars and workshops on bullying, pressures of life, and life skills. Our mission Is to teach our youth life skills and to let them know that they aren't alone in this world; we do hear them and are here for them. I have put a lot of thought into this organization, because I have recently lost my 17 year old nephew to suicide.

I believe that if we put in the time we could help our youth and those in need.We need to reach out BEFORE it's too late. I believe that bringing our youth together with others who feel the same can make a huge impact on them. We too at times have felt alone, and doing something about it is our only defense in preventing this terrible epidemic, I hope someday this organization can become real, our youth is our future and we are the ones who they look up to until they become adults, and in eyes we are failing them.

My second organization will be a closed organization focusing on Adult Budgeting.The organization is called (SUM) Saving Your Money. We all know that our economy have put us in a bind. Over the years we have made thousands of dollars and have spent more than we have earned due to our Judgmental society. We have all felt that we need a nice car, home, and clothes, and have to look better than our neighbors, but in reality all we need is a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. We always blame others for our misfortune, and that's where we go wrong.

SUM will show us where we spend our money, and how much we spend each month.It will only work for those who are honest. It will teach you where the money went, how to start saving, and counselors will answer any questions you will have, and will provide you with the right information to help you improve your spending. SUM is an online only service with a step by step process to help save for the future. The two organizations are very different in which; one is a public organization where everyone gets together to make a difference, and the other is an online based organization to help with our spending habits.SPY is a way to teach our youth about he love of life and has activities, where SUM is for adults to help us with our spending habits and will help with the future economy.

The two organizations are similar in the way that they come together. Now days our youth are staying home alone, eating alone and hanging out with their friends, because we are working to make ends meet. I believe that if we get our spending habits under control we can have more time to spend with our youth. Spending more time means family meals together, family activities together and less time for our youth to get a bad outlook on fife.Our youth needs our time not our money. Someday I hope that I can reach out to parents and be the voice of our youth, because I can hear them! Do you? When our children come to us and say "mom can we play a game" What do we do? We say not right now I'm busy; which usually means we are looking at our bills.

This is exactly why these two organizations are similar. Thank you for this project I couldn't have had more heart in this than anything else. I hope this makes since to any and everyone who reads this. Let's wake up and help our future.