QUIZ 5 STUDY GUIDE Towns: Chapter IV What is foretelling? prophesying, predicting future events p 182 What is forthtelling? a preacher to people Why is it essential that Christ was born of a virgin? he would no be able to save himself because he would not be a sinless savior p 185; to have parents without a sin nature What was Christ’s threefold office? prophet, priest, king p 180 What is the incarnation? "the word became flesh and dwelt among us" p 191; god took on human flesh p 191 What does the act of the kenosis as stated in Philippians 2 mean? ade himself of no reputation; emptied himself; veiling his glory, accepting the limitations of human nature; voluntarily giving up the independent use of his comparative attributes p 191 "christ surrendered no attribute of deity but that he did voluntarily restrict their independent use in keeping with his purpose of living among men and their limitations p 192 What is hypostatic union? jesus is both god and man, the union of two distinct natures in one person, jesus christ the god man p 197-198 What does “temptability” mean? enerally understood as the enticement of a person to commit sin by offering some seeming enticement p 208 to have an appeal What does “impeccability” mean? christ could not and did not sin p 209 What is vicarious suffering? suffering endured by one person in the stead of another p 215 What is a vicar? a substitute, one who takes the place of the other and acts in his stead p 215 What does “redemption” mean? to be freed p 220 to buy back p 219 What does “propitiation” mean? the turning away of wrath by an offering p 220

How is every person a sinner on three counts? guilty of personal sin, imputed sin, sin nature p 224 What is the difference between judicial guilt and personal guilt? judicial: non experiential condition of the sinner who stands guilty before god (born in sin, has sin nature, personally commits sin); personal: experiential, how a sinner feels convicted of sins p 225 What theory taught that Christ did not really die on the cross but that the soldiers just thought he did? swoon theory p 233 Know the 12 proofs of the resurrection. p 236

What is the biblical definition of death? separation of a person's body and spirit p 239 True or False Christ was not God when he was on earth. false Without the shedding of blood, there is no payment for sins. true The law is a unit; to break one is to break all. true Man is not reconciled to God through the blood of Christ; rather, the blood is a metaphor for the moral and noble life we should live. False The disciples were surprised at Christ’s resurrection. True At the resurrection, Christ’s body and spirit were reunited. True