The “Lone Survivor” is a story of courage, loyalty and even friendship. In any military organizations, we can see how courageous or loyal the armies or navies are especially in times of missions, not only in simple missions but also in tough and relevant missions. In this book test the combat skills and attitudes of military forces to deal and execute their missions. And also in the book we can see how these friendships were built and how strong were the friendships that were developed in the military organizations. This book truly gives the idea or shows some instances and how a military individual managed to act and deal with the circumstances or consequences of the missions they had given him. This book is my choice because of it tackled about military. And because I admire those individuals who are connected with the military services I choose the book. I admire these individuals because they were truly modern heroes who had so much or great obligations for the country as compared to President who held the highest position. These characteristics of individuals is what countries really needed because they were keep on protecting the countries and their fellowmen from dangerous terrorist acts. And also I chose this book because it is one of the greatest books that are familiar to more individuals. I chose this knowing that it is familiar because I think it would be a kind adventure book as heard from others. As reading the first part of the book “Lone survivor”, I took me to military setting that I thought I was really a part of that tour or journey of the missions. I also knew how well military were trained not physically but also emotionally and psychologically. I had seen how military individuals undergo training not just for their own sake but for nation’s sake. In the first part, after training a group of navy were given mission; a mission to search for an Al Qaeda leader (Luttrell, 2007). They were given the instructions to capture or kill that said leader. In this mission, the courage or loyalty or friendship of the group will be tested. And also, it will show how well the training had helped them build and develop more tough skills. As entitled “Lone survivor”, I can easily depict what would happen in the story. Only one of the groups that had been given the mission to capture an Al Qaeda leader will remain standing alone. Even though not given the title “Lone Survivor”, we can still foresee the result of the combat operations of the groups. Because once an army or navy in a battle they were already presumed dead. It only means that when they where in mission, expect it consequence is losing lives; both sides will possibly lost lives. In connection with friendship, courage and loyalty, the mission of the group will test their friendship on how they would take losing friends. It is whether they would take it as inspiration or mere discouragement for them to resume their mission or goal. I think when the time comes that they will loose their buddy, in the end those who remained standing will even take more courage and much eager enough to battle or combat with their enemies. They or he will be taking much strategic actions to fulfill the mission; it was not only for the countries honor but only in honor of his dead companions. I also presumed that in the end this lone survivor or the remaining standing will be recognize for the things he had done not only for the country but also for his buddies that he is considering his friends. He will be given honor for what the things he had done. Even if the mission was either a success or failure, he will still be given recognition. Reference: Luttrell, M. (2007). Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 (1st edition ed.). New York: Little Brown and Company.