The most recent movie that I went to see in theaters was ? one Survivor? I was very excited for this film to come out from the first time I had seen a preview for it because it is based on the past true life events of four Navy Seals on a mission in Afghanistan. I feel that this movie did a great job depicting the true every day struggles and hardships, both physical and emotional, that our military face overseas.

Although there are many men and women currently serving, retired veterans, family members of or those who hold close relationships with someone in the military who truly appreciate, respect and understand the struggles and risks one takes joining the military and fighting for our country, there are still many United State citizens who either do not think the life of a U. S. Soldier is a difficult one or simply do not care enough to put any thought towards our military at all.

This movie tells the stories of four Navy Seals- Marcus Luttrell, Michael Patrick Murphy, Matthew Axelson and Danny Dietz who in June of 2005 were sent on a mission, ? peration Red Wings? with the purpose of identifying a Taliban leader, Ahmad Shah, who was believed to be hiding on the slopes of mountain Sawtalo Sar in Afghanistan. Once this intelligence operation was surveyed and carried out, identifying Shah and his men, the military would engage the Taliban leader and loyalists and disrupt the Anti-Coalition Militia activity.

In a very sad turn of events, the four Navy Seals were quickly discovered high in the mountains by three local goatherds and soon after ambushed by a large amount of Taliban fighters. Many other U. S. Soldiers had lost their lives that day in attempt of saving these four Navy Seals and sadly only one Seal, Marcus Luttrell, lived to tell the story. Years ago there was a book titled ? one Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Red Wings and the Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10? written about the series of events and battle fought by these men based on the story retold by the single survivor, Marcus Luttrell.

Like the movie, I would highly recommend the book as well. Having spent four years of my own life overseas in the Marine Corps, I was highly interested and intrigued to hear and learn of the story back when it originally happened, I held high expectations of the movie, knowing that Hollywood has a way of changing stories to bring in money. However, I will say I was very surprised to see that the writer and director of the movie, Peter Berg, was very one on one with the survivor Marcus Luttrell throughout the process in order to keep the movie as truthfully on point as possible.

The director and actors in the movie also made it very known to the families of the deceased that they were putting their hearts into the parts and trying to truly show the audience the great men the true characters, the men who lost their lives, were. Like every Hollywood film there were, and I use this word lightly with a film based on such serious events, dramatizations. However, there were few enough to count on one hand and they were very minimal. Overall, I feel that this is definitely a movie worth watching for any person of any age.