Little women Is the story of four young girls Meg, Joy, Beth and Amy who grow Into being young women during the civil war.

The girls are especially self sufficient for the times on their own with their mother, The novel focuses on their growing up and the loss of Innocence at the death of Beth. Joy rejects the next door neighbor as a husband and he becomes Amoy's husband. Daniel Lo Preset, Resident Scholar "The four March sisters, Meg, Joy, Beth, and Amy, struggle against poverty with their Mare while their father is away serving as a doctor during the Civil War,The story charts the childhood games, whims, and lessons of four young girls becoming young women. Joy faces many obstacles familiar to all of us?saying goodbye to her sister Meg when she gets married.

Saying goodbye to her sister Beth, who dies young, and striving to become something great in the world--a famous writer. " Megan E. Davis, Resident Scholar "Little Men is the follow-up to Louisa May Alcott book, Little Women. At the end of Little Women, Joy March inherits her Aunt March's estate, Plummeted. With the help her husband, a German professor, she turns the building into a school.The school has both rich pupils whose parent's pay tuition, and pupils taken in a charity cases.

Of course, all are treated with the same respect. Some of the main characters include the sensitive Nat, tough Dan, saintly Daisy, wise Deem, and beautiful Bess. Fans of Little Women will enjoy learning about the children of some that books characters: Daisy and Deem are Meg's children, and Bess Is Amy and Laurel's daughter. There Is no overriding conflict besides trying to keep the boys in some kind of order and to educate them.

Kathy Ape, Resident Scholar I Little women Is the story of four march sisters, Joy, Beth, Meg and Amy who struggle against poverty with their Mare and grow into reprehensible young women, while their father is away working as a doctor during the civil war, The girls show their self sufficient during this period with their mother. This story charts the childhood games, whims and lessons of the four young girls into becoming young women. 10 faces many challenges from bidding her sister Meg bye when she gets married, saying a painful bye to her sister Beth who dies young and striving to become someone great who Is a famous writer.