Ruby Elizabeth Daly – I know that Ruby fears what her powers can do to the people she cares about and the people she doesn’t seem to care about. The first people she used her powers on were her parents, Jacob and Susan Daly. Ruby had kissed them on the forehead without realizing that she had erased her existence from their memories. When morning came she was a stranger to them and that’s when the PSF’s took her.

When the doctors analyzed her at camp she’d seen the doctor’s memories and yelled at him that she was herself a Green, at that moment she was so scared of being anything other than a Green.Later in the years of her camp life, she had erased herself from Sam’s memory, her one and only friend at camp. Ruby was completely terrified and didn’t understand how to control her powers; she was convinced she was Green for so long that it hadn’t occurred to her that she was anything different. When Ruby snuck out of Thurmond with Cate and Martin, she had realized that Cate and Martin were being extremely rebellious towards President Gray’s intentions. She feared that Cate, Rob and Martin would use her for an army against President Gray.When she met Liam, Zu, and Chubs she made sure she had kept her distance and didn’t make any physical contact with them because she feared that she would have erased their memories of her ever being there.

She hid her powers and lied that she was Green because she simply feared that they would hate her for being an Orange “Monster”. Ruby protected them with her life because she knew they saved hers, she feared that something horrific would happen to them just based on the fact that they had let her stay with them.Ruby had the PSF’s, Skip Tracers, and the League after her that she couldn’t be blamed for being so cautious. When they found the Slip Kid, she feared what he could do because the reality had made her so weak compared to other Oranges. The Slip Kid, Clancy Gray, had taught her how to use her powers, she feared that she wouldn’t have been able to be as strong as Clancy but in time she had overpowered him with intelligence and bravery. After Clancy had betrayed her, she knew that he had wanted to split her and Liam apart.

She stood brave against him and that’s usually something you don’t see in a main female character, Heroine. Zu had left just before the chaos had started making Ruby fear if she would be alright and that she would be able to be safe with Hina and the others considering that Ruby and Liam had protected her mostly the entire time. Ruby no longer feared what she first dreaded and that was that she wouldn’t be able to tame the monster inside of her. When they get out they deliver Jack’s letter, causing Chubs to get shot by Jack’s father.Ruby feared that Chubs was going to die so she pressed the panic button that Cate had given her for the League. Ruby had to let Liam live his life without her because she wanted him so desperately to do what he wanted to do all along, she feared that she would never see him again after she’d erased her from his memories.

Ruby was the most heroic female protagonist character that I had ever read about; she resembles so many traits that I can’t even make a list of it because it would be incredibly lengthy.