Learning Method The way I learn is by actually thinking of things and realizing why something is what it is instead of memorization. Anything that is taught to me I must find out why it is true, because without knowing why something is right, it causes confusion. For example a person tells me that plants are green. I will walk around and know that plants are green and only knowing that. When the rare occasion comes that I find a non-green plant I will be lost.

Only if someone would have told me that plants are green because of the chlorophyll that produces their food through converting sunlight, water, and air into glucose, and that some plants have less chlorophyll or more to make them different colors, then I would know why those plants are different from the others. Also, I learn by actually having things demonstrated and learning how the process works. I can also further understand things by deeply looking into them. If everyone would just take some time and think about their actions or why they feel a certain way the world would be so much more peaceful. Most people do not know why they have hate for a certain group of people or why they do not like a certain type of music.

Some of the people are fed someone elses opinion and it is usually someone that they look up to so they accept that opinion as their own without having a real reason for it.I think that everyone should learn by actually knowing information and explanations for everything instead of memorization of things that they will forget as soon as they do not need it for a test or for what they are learning it for. That will also help them with related topics, such as if you learn that bright colored spiders are poisonous because the bright colors ward off animals so they know not to eat them, then you would assume if you found a bright colored frog or flower, that it was poisonous too. If you only knew that bright colored spiders were poisonous and not the actual reason why, you would have made a mistake when seeing the brightly colored frog or flower by touching it and therefore becoming poisoned. School plays the biggest part in learning by memorization.

Most teachers cram their students with tons of information and tell them to study it for a test without explaining most of it. By the time the test comes the students might know all of the information, but as soon as the test is over the information, useless to them now, is discarded.So in essence learning reasons for things can be very helpful to make it through everyday life. I think that is the easiest way to learn for me, and the most efficient way to learn.