Asian Institute of Computer Studies 3rd Floor JTM Bldg. , Regalado Ave. , Fairview, Quezon City Payroll System System Proposal Presented to Cybertrix Internet Cafe Caloocan Branch In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Associate in Computer Science By: Balagbagan, Edmar Enriquez, Ariel Fortes, Alexander V. Gamboa, Jaena A. Ramos Melvin A.

Vendiola, Rancel Jane P. Ms. Sheila A. Bocabal COS-8 Instructress October 2008 August 17, 2010 Author & Layout by AlexFortes System Analysis & Design Page 1 Acknowledgement We are very thankful to all who supported to complete this project effectively and moreover on time.We’re equally grateful to our instructress, Ms.

SHEILA A. BOCABAL, she gave us a moral support and guided in different matters regarding the topic. She had been very kind and patient while we suggesting the outlines of this project and correcting our doubts. We thank her for her overall supports.

Last but not the least, We would like to thank our parents who helped a lot in gathering different information, collecting data and guiding from time to time in making this project . Despite of parent's busy schedules ,they gave us different ideas in making this project unique.Page Chapter II Proposed System Payroll Application DFDs Propose System: Payroll Application 8-9 10 Chapter III Review of Related Studies Implementation and Development of a Proposed Payroll System for Epsco Noval Internet Cafe 11 11-12 11 Chapter IV Our Resume 13 Author ; Layout by AlexFortes System Analysis ; Design Page 3 COMPANY PROFILE Cybertrix Internet Cafe Cybertrix is the cheapest and simply chain of Internet Cafes in the Caloocan consisting of 2 company-owned located in residential and school perimeters. Cybertrix serves over a thousand customers monthly, 80% of which are from ages 16 to 35. Cybertrix uses high-speed Internet provided by GLOBE BROADBAND.

With Cybertrix' broad network coverage, Cybertrix has attracted many small corporate customers for its training, recruitment and advertising needs. At the retail side, Cybertrix has become a popular destination in Pangarap, Caloocan City, to all men and women, for Internet surfing, Gaming, Digital Printing and Electronic Load needs. More about Cybertrix? Visit the website: www. alexfortes. com/cybertrix.

tml Email Add: [email protected] com Tel: 02-6210480 / 02-6210449 / 02-9060565 / 0919-6580475 Author & Layout by AlexFortes System Analysis & Design Page 4 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study As computer technology changes at such fast phase, many businesses sectors try to cope up by upgrading computer system constantly in order to stay competitive. The multi-function ability of technology for its advance system is also an important factor for a company to use software.

It makes efficient use of the advance technology and has ambition to discover more.Computers have the great impact on the profession of accounting. With the rapid growth of technology today, there is no doubt that computer will become a common asset in all profession. The program also allows the monthly payroll schedule to be calculated accurately. Just by having all employees’ info like name, working hours, wages etc to enter in the database. Therefore, payroll can be done with the guide of the program.

The system is good in for its specialty in the fields of accounting. It is easy to use, effective and efficient in organizing and calculating the payroll.In addition, this study aims to develop a reliable and manageable computerized payroll system for a better manageable of a business. The Proposed Computerized Payroll System will give a big relief of the employee and employers as well. B.

Statement of the Problem There are several factors the researchers considered before the development to the system. This includes the availability of materials; the ability of the developers, the company that the system shall be implementing, etc together with this is the most significant of all, which trigger us to work for the system. Unless the problem as identified solution cannot be formulated.The researcher had these questions regarding issues that made us possible to start the study. 1.

How does the manual method of Writing System transact Faster and Reliable? 2. How can the company monitor the facilities inside? 3. How can the company obtain secured record of Payroll and Attendance Transactions? Author & Layout by AlexFortes System Analysis & Design Page 5 C. Objectives of the Study General Objective This study would be able to the system analyst to know the prerogative and inconvenience of manual system in a payroll as well its effects on their business performances.

Moreover, it would give them the idea on what are the possible instances that they may encounter in the system software (payroll system). Specific Objectives Payroll System is processing of attendance and salary to produce an efficient and effective process. One of the most typical payroll systems is the Transaction Processing System. Transaction Processing System collects, stores, modifies, and retrieves the transactions of a certain employees.

The process of retrieving and modifying data to be stored using file storage system is referred to as transaction.Transactions occur is known to be a part of records. All of these records were originally kept in paper. D.

Significance of the Study The study will be a big help for the Cybertrix. First, it uplifts the quality of service they give to the owner particularly the transaction regarding the payroll of employees. It gives an accurate output based on the intended functions of the system. It avoids confusion on the user regarding the process of payroll and avoid unintended swap of records. On manual method, there is a tendency of unintentional exchange of employee’s information.Finally, Payroll System will somehow lessen the company’s expenses regarding the lost of hours.

For the system has the ability to trace employee who possibly the cause of the disobedience, lost of sales and charge them according to what is proper. Furthermore, the Payroll System is provided with a user-friendly interface and is applicable in most business establishment and schools in the city. E. Scope and Limitation A.

The concept of the system is slightly similar to the Employees information system. Author & Layout by AlexFortes System Analysis & Design Page 6New features and functions were added and created the Payroll and Attendance System. PAS is pretty different from the mere manual method of Writing system that uses a pen and a paper. PAS works functionally through its given features.

1. Inputs employee number through keyboard. Provides fast and accurate output for queries regarding employee information system and the facility record. 2. Record facilities status.

3. Password-secured program 4. Records employee with the corresponding automatic transaction(s) Its features determine its scope and address the functions.Nevertheless, the system has the boundaries wherein it can only perform these given tasks. Outside its scope lie the limitations as PAS has: 1.

Cannot restore deleted records. 2. Unable to fix damage facilities (literal) B. The authors have analyzed the company’s payroll system. The author’s found that the company’s payroll system is conducted manually. Their current payroll system consist only at the attendance and the distribution of salary where the attendance is done by the signing the “In and Out” of the employees, salary goes almost the same as the attendance where it is written anually which is slow and time consuming.

The file storage of the current system is limited only for few copies for its just written in a file book, the security of the records is minimal. Although authorized person are the ones allowed to access the records, leaking of the records is a factor to be considered. The authors came up with a system can extend almost all of the scope and limitation of the payroll system used by the company. F. Methodology of the Study Payroll System, a system that will be created for some reasons has an excellent purpose.

The reason behind its development is very bright and definitely beneficial. Unfortunately, there are projects although the output would be a big a help but is difficult to achieve for several reason. Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of motion states ”For every action, these is an Author & Layout by AlexFortes System Analysis & Design Page 7 equal and opposite reaction. ” Suppose the project begins in conceptualization.

Like a moving car the project progress to the next level which is the problem statement, the methodology studies until the construction of the proposed system.CHAPTER 2 G. Proposed System Payroll Application We’re student of AICS act as system analyst of Cybertrix Internet Cafe; we propose that you are tasked with building a new payroll system to replace the existing manual record system that is hopelessly out of date. Cybertrix Internet Cafe needs a new system to allow employees to record time card information electronically and automatically generate paycash based on the number of hours worked and total amount of sales. As we can be expected, this is just one of many software applications within the Global IT.Part of the mandate in designing and developing this application is ensuring that you are inline with the decisions and direction that have been made by management and the architecture team.

The new system will provide a window-based interface to allow employees to enter timecard information, enter purchase orders or a rental fee, change employee preferences, and create various reports. The system will be accessed by individual employee desktops throughout the entire company. For reasons of security and auditing, employees can only access and edit their own time cards and purchase orders.The system will retain information on all employees in the company (Cybertrix Internet Cafe). The system must pay each employee the correct amount, on time, by the method that they. Cybertrix, for cost reasons, does not want to replace one of their legacy databases, the Project Management Database, which contains all information regarding projects and charge numbers.

The new system must work with the existing Project Management Database. The Payroll System will access but not update information stored in the Project Management Database. Some employees work by the hour and they are paid an hourly rate.They submit timecards that record the date and number of hours worked for a particular charge number.

If someone works for more than 8 hours, Cybertrix Internet Cafe pays the employee 1. 5 times his or her normal rate for those extra hours. Hourly workers are paid every Friday. Some employees are paid a flat salary.

Even though they are paid a flat salary, they submit timecards that record the date and hours worked. This is so the system can keep track of the hours worked against particular charge numbers. They are paid on the last working day of the Author & Layout by AlexFortes System Analysis & Design Page 8 onth. One of the most requested features of the new system is employee reporting.

Employees will be able to query the system for number of hours worked, totals of all hours billed to a project etc. A number of other applications anticipate needing access to the employee reporting information. To meet that need, the payroll application is expected to expose access to this information via web services. The payroll application will run payroll automatically every Friday and on the last working day of the month. The system will pay the appropriate employees on those days.The system will be told by the Administrator what date the employees are to be paid, so it will generate payments for records from the last time the employee was paid to the specified date.

The new system is being designed so that the payroll will always be generated automatically, and there will be no need for any manual intervention. The Payroll Administrator maintains employee information. The Payroll Administrator is responsible for adding new employees, deleting employees and changing all employee information such as name, address, and payment classification (hourly, salaried, commissioned), as well as running administrative reports.In the new IT architecture, it has been recognized that a number of applications will need to manage employee information. To facilitate this usage you’ve been instructed to expose a set of web services to other internal applications for accessing employee information.

Author & Layout by AlexFortes System Analysis & Design Page 9 H. DFDs Propose System: Payroll Application Author & Layout by AlexFortes System Analysis & Design Page 10 CHAPTER 3 I. Review of Related Studies This portion deals with the different studies base on different sources such as books, magazine, newspapers, companies and Internet.The related studies is written based on the needed information related to the system to provide the better understanding how Payroll System works and give a brief theoretical background.

Implementation and Development of a Proposed Payroll System for Epsco The term payroll encompasses every employee of a company who receives a regular wage or other compensation. Some employees may be paid a steady salary while others are paid for hours worked or the number of items produced. All of these different payment methods are calculated by a ayroll specialist and the appropriate paychecks are issued. Companies often use objective measuring tools such as timecards or timesheets completed by supervisors to determine the total amount of payroll due each pay period. In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions. The current Federal payroll service environment evolved over many years of incremental changes that have been implemented in different ways across the Government.

The influence of Agency-unique interpretation of legislation, regulation, and HR policies have all contributed to a complex set of requirements that, when taken together, create an obstacle to the modernization of payroll systems and processes. Twenty-two Government providers currently deliver Federal civilian payroll services using 14 separate systems. The four largest – Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, Department of Interior, and General Services Administration – service over 80 percent of the total civilian payroll, accommodating over 190 different pay plans.Because of age and capacity limitations of payroll processing environments, many service providers have either considered or completed capital investments in payroll systems infrastructure. Perseverance Payroll System Noval Internet Cafe There's a lot of companies wherein the system that they use are similar and related to the company we've been interviewed.

One of the company that we found out is the Noval Internet Cafe (NIC). Based on what we gathered, the NIC same as Cybertix Internet Cafe, Author & Layout by AlexFortes System Analysis & Design Page 11 use the same system which is the Payroll System.Both Internet Cafe, the same on how they handle the company that being said. Not only by handling that but also having the same problems that they encounter. They have been programmed a lot of languages using different programming languages.

The companies have been trained in programming and managing many shops in different branches. Managing that kind of company needed to be more patient and the perseverance is there. Payroll System is not easy that why we proposed to the company being said to use and adopt the computerization to make it easier and faster on what they did.