In this society with leaps and bounds technological development, exponential growth of the rate of online activities Involved shows that more and more people are using Internet for various purpose such as searching, commenting and communication, also times become more frequent than before. There are critical for us to discuss whether internet is an open platform for anyone to do anything. Being censored by the local government is a restriction of internet freedom undoubtedly, paralleling this overall dual perspective, it also is an indispensable protection for national citizens.Based on general knowledge, Internet Is a platform with decentralized nature which can operate Independently and privately. In recent years, Its nature has been changed.

The government can censors every citizens resources of information as well as communication such as the websites accessed, email content and social networking tools by blocking netizens from accessing specific websites and filtering the sensitive wording. According to R. K. , V. D.

, K. C. (201 3, p. 2), there are two types of censorship which are technical censorship and non-technical censorship.Technical censorship as the name suggests, the utlllzatlon of technical system such as different kind of filters and redirection are applied to users software and code to scout and censor the path of internet services of the user, it has no legal base to support but the authority and government are likely use. While non-technical censorship is usually used coordinate with technical censorship, it bases on legal power to restrict and suppress the radical rhetoric through threaten people with cash fines, indictment, and even Imprisonment.

In the following content, I would Ilke to focus on the part of technical censorship. To a certain extent, internet censorship have definitely restrict the internet freedom of searching services. The authorities usually use technical censorship to block and filter those websites and information that define as "unwanted" by official, public are deprived of the right of receiving the specific Information without knowing.China Is actual case showing us how the government controls the Internet and Interferences the flowing of Information.

William suggests that china has designed a automatic censoring system to detect with certain keywords then eliminate the posts and comments in chat room and forum posted by netizens with undesirable contents within a very short time. This system might easily help the government to conceal the truth of political event, it leads citizens to being more and more ignorant in the stand of political.Rebecca MacKinnon has provided an example happened In couple years before that Internet already widespread used and I believe that slmllar events ontinuous repeat and repeat even if the day till now, a PBS documentary crew came to Beijing university showing a 1989 representative photograph with a man standing in front of the tank to those local university students, most of them did not identify it even totally ignorant about the history. Meanwhile, Apart from the right of knowing, Internet censorship also extremely censorship conjunct with non-technical censorship.

In the way to censor those comments which is criticized authorities even though it is Just simple posting, then rrest those commentators by certain unreasonable legislative provision. Under the mean of threat, people are totally losing their right to express opinion on the internet. On the other hand, there is no excuse to deny internet censorship also help the nation a lot. Firstly, the issue public put their eye onto is the influence to child of excess network information.

Everyone have to commit that networking is an integral factor to the development of new generation but we might ask how to minimize its bad influence to the children.Internet censorship plays an important role on this urpose. It filters the information and pages which are pornography and violence and bring out an adverse effect to children, affecting the development of children. It works as a protection network to keep the child safe even though there are no parents and teachers beside them.

Opposed to the restriction of the right to know and the right of speech, internet censorship acts to defending the intellectual property. Guan Wenwei proposes that an offence is committed distributing a piracy copy of work to public in the level which is affecting the copyright owner adversely.The official organization and the government might censor and detect the software used by customer and citizens in order to recognize and certify the copyright of the software, pirated product is not allowed to use. It helps to protect the intellectual property, if you want to enjoy the software, you are required to pay for the copyright. In additional to the copyright of software, movie and song also are guaranteed by internet censorship that might discover those download point on the internet and delete it.

People are deterred under the system of censorship and punishment.