One of the reasons Wikapedia should be more censored is that Wikapedia sometimes post false information on their website. This occurs because anybody can post forums and other opinions on the website which is not checked to make sure that they are true. This makes it extremely difficult for high school and college students to research accurate information, which can effect themselves academically.

This Is also a problem for the public in general because there are countless amounts of people that only use Wlkapedia to look up Information on different subjects.Pornography Is a huge problem on the Internet currently. Most websites do not even ask for a proof of age. Thls Is a problem because It means that anyone no matter what their age is can access inappropriate websites.

Some of these same websites also contain innocent sounding web addresses. This makes it easy for children to accidentally come across these websites and enter them with no questions asked. The majority of parents do not want their children to be able to access pornography and other graphic websites, therefor it should be more censored to make it more difficult for young children to access.Websites such as Facebook, Myspace, nd Twitter do not have a minimum age requirment to Join or sign up. This makes it easy for children, some as young as ten or eleven, to expose themselves to sexual predators, stalkers, or any other person that could exploit them or any of their Information.

The most dangerous thing about some of these websites Is that kids post pictures of themselves, tell where they live, where they go to school, and If you post a status it will show exactly where you are. Without the government regulating these websites they become a vital way for sexual predators or stalkers to find victims.Although some people say censoring the internet could be against your First Amendment right of free speech, free speech sometimes needs to be censored. If a radio personality says something that is offensive or inappropriate on the radio that upsets their listeners the government steps in and the radio personality could possibly be fired.

The reason that it is so important to sensor things is because people want to know that it is safe for their children to listen to unattended without fear of them hearing something Inappropriate. This same concept applies to what you can and can't see on the Internet.In conclusion there are multiple websites such as Wlkapedla, pornography websites, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter that when they are not censored they can be dangerous or harmful to all ages. Wikapedia needs to be better censored because it can give out have graphic images and videos that do not need to be seen by children. Censoring and requiring age restrictions on these sites would make it more difficult for children to access these inappropriate websites.

Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter also do not have age restrictions, which is harmful to young children because of all the stalkers nd sexual predators in todays day and age.