Quezon City Polytechnic University Natural Science Deparment 673 Quirino Highway San Bartolome Novaliches, Quezon City " Physics for Children Website " An Advance studying of Physics in an enjoyable way An Investigatory Project Presented to the Class of Prof.

MarJim Dela Cruz General Physics NATSC1102 Presented by Espinosa, Diane A. Mangalos, Ronnel S. Morales, Mary Knoll Rosales, Mary Grace Joy C. Tugano, Paolo September 28, 2011 ABSTRACTPhysics is usually teach in high school and college students nowadays. It would not be easy to teach Physics in a child specially it is science subject that usually hate by many students. The researchers want to create and make a website that children of all ages would love and learn a lot in an enjoyable way.

a. Purpose To create a website about physics for children that involves games, trivia, stories, and other things that is possible for the reasercher to make. To establish studying a