Media is an inseparable part of life for most of the teenagers. There are different types of mass media that are inherently a part of the routine life of teenagers – for example television, computer, mobile phone or a music player. Considering the current influence of media, we need to agree on the fact that media plays an important role in shaping up opinions of teenagers. Media is a double-edged sword and hence there are positive effects of media as well as negative influences of media.

Positive Media Effects on Teenagers One of the most positive effects of media today is the ease with which teenagers have learned to embrace technology – be it the computers, Internet or the ipods. The teenagers have no phobia for technology. Media has also contributed to increase the overall awareness of teenagers about their surroundings. In addition to this, media has also resulted in enhanced overall knowledge and understanding of curriculum subjects owing to the vast information resources that the media has to offer.If managed properly, media can be effectively used to generate awareness amongst teenagers about issues like sex, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, drugs, alcohol and smoking.

Negative Media Effects on Teenagers There are several negative media effects on teenagers as well. Media is responsible for creating ideals about body image, owing to which several teenagers (especially girls) suffer from inferiority complex and resort to unhealthy practices to lose weight and get skinny.The amount of excessive violence in media – be it the television, movies or the video games, tends to increase aggressive tendencies in teenagers. The amount of celebrity hype created by the media causes many children to make irrational demands for designer clothing, accessories and other perks of the celebrity life that they are exposed to. Glorification of unhealthy habits like smoking, drug abuse, unprotected sex and alcohol can encourage these habits in teenagers, which can permanently scar their lives.