With scholarship, one may subdue savants in court; Brave in spirit, one may fight courageous battles; Born a king, one might rule over an Empire; One may even land on the moon; But of what use are all these achievements, If one is not able to control the mind and the senses, And uphold eternal human values? My Teachers, Fellow Students, Boys and Girls! The world badly needs today ideal students with exemplary character instead of wealth and prosperity. The progress of the nation depends on such students alone. It is such sacred practices alone that have protected ideal students through the ages.

My Teachers, Fellow Students, Boys and Girls! Unfortunately, Islamic values declined in the course of time among us. Today’s student has completely forgotten all about our Islamic culture and human values. We need to find them in our self and must spread in our society. We always speak truth and follow the path of honesty and justice. This is the most important factor to become an ideal student. Fellow Students, Boys and Girls! True Knowledge is another barometer against which we can measure in an Ideal Student.

Knowledgeable students always respect by the society and admire by the world. His knowledge always makes pride to his parents, family and school. Fellow Students, Boys and Girls! We are the future citizens of this country. We all could become ideal students for the glory of our nation. It can be revived only if we become the torchbearers because falsehood, injustice, bad conduct, and evil are widespread in our country. We need to fight against them getting excellent knowledge and taking an active role to spread joy and happiness among our society. Thank You and God bless you all...!