In my ideal world I see the world completely differently as what it is. As we take pride in the knowledge society and claim to have controlled the world at our command, thanks to the Internet, we see at the end of the spectrum, the piteous spectacle of thousands of poor weak and downtrodden.

The cause is poverty which is destructive for the growth of any country.In my vision for an ideal world, Women will have a great role to play in the progress of our country for the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Communal harmony has always been and will always be the Backbone of any country’s Harmony. The youth of any country should be carefully shaped as the youth can make or mar the country, their creative potential is as immense as their destructive potential. This ideal world will be free of terrorism and fear.

Right to education, health and freedom will be given to all. Greenery will be kept intact. Some say an ideal world is a myth but great visions of great personalities will help convert this myth into truth and that is possible only due to mass awareness.Does a government have the right to put people to death?There are many compelling reasons to answer no First of all, the death penalty diminishes the humanity of everyone it touches..

since our system of justice can never be mistake-free, it is inevitable that an error will be made in a capital case and an innocent person will be executed. Everyone thinks human life is valuable. Some of those against capital punishment believe that human life is so valuable that even the worst murderers should not be deprived of the value of their lives. They believe that the value of the offender's life cannot be destroyed by the offender's bad conduct - even if they have killed someone. Some abolitionists don't go that far.

They say that life should be preserved unless there is a very good reason not to, and that the those who are in favour of capital punishment are the ones who have to justify their position.