Migration, the movement of people from one place, origin or country to

For as long as man can remember migration has been a big part in our
lives. People have migrated continuously since their emergence as a species.The art of migrating is to move from place to place or country to
country, to find what we searched for, A suitable environment for our families
and us to live in. It is vital for humans to keep on the move or migrating.

people migrate to different places around the world, like Europe, Africa, The
Americas, Australia, and the Soviet Union. Humans migrate because they feel that
they need to have stable and suitable environment in which to live in and bring
up their families. People may migrate to different places or countries due to
many factors. These can be put into a category called Push Factors. These
factors are reasons why people want to leave.

Many people feel they have to
leave a certain place because the environment in which they live is unstable.Push Factors like, Poverty, war, religions restriction, unemployment, poor
education, illnesses, diseases, a poor health system, lack of liberty and even
the climate, can change a humans mind and make them want to leave a particular
country or place.One the other hand there are other factors called Pull factors. These
factors are different and are the opposite of the Push Factors, making them want
to leave the country they are living in. People may be in love and find better
living standards in the other country. There may also find it to be safer and
have laws that are more liberal.

They might be more freedom and a chance to get
a job and earn money to support their family, can pull humans to leave that
country or place.In 1992 my parents told my sisters and I that we were leaving South
Africa and heading for Australia. We decided to leave because my family did not
feel that they wanted their children (my sisters and I) to be raised up with up
in violence and political unsuitability. These 'Pull Factors' were overpowering
and eventually on January the 24 1993 our whole family of 10 people arrived to
live in Australia.

Migration to other countries or places often ends up being a success.Sometimes the people, who migrated a few years ago, realise that the choice they
made was a wrong one. The choice my family made was thank goodness a good one.The Migration of humans from around the world has been enormous. Since
the beginning of the industrial revolution, it is continuing to grow.

I hope
that it will continue to grow even more and many new and fantastic places will
be discovered.
1 Collins Pocket English Dictionary, 1989
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