Technology in Graphic Design BY keisey8486 Technologys Role in Graphic Design In this research I will utilize a number of sources to explore what technology has done for graphic design. I plan to research what pieces of technology have brought graphic design to where it stands today, primarily focusing on the personal computer, internet and graphic design software because these are the most interesting to me. I intend to read various books, articles, Journals, and even review some video to aid me in my research. I believe the majority of my findings will come from the books I have selected to read.

To save time I will use the index to find keywords that pertain to my topic and then read those pages and or chapters. The sources I have found the most beneficial thus far are American Modernism: Graphic Design 1920-1960 by Rodger Remington and A History of Graphic Design by Philip Meggs. I also found the article "Computers Change the Face of Type" particularly interesting. In this article it states that "#176,000 Separate Typefaces Some 44,000 type families have been created since Johann Gutenberg invented movable type around 1450", but it is believed that only about 3,000 typefaces are in se today (Rothenberg).According to the article "History of Graphic Design" on JDA Publishing website the most influential technological advances in graphic design were the printing press, photography and film making, the personal computer, internet, and graphic design software (History of Graphic Design). In my opinion the largest step forward in the industry has been the development of graphic design software.

Without graphic design software the process doing something as simple as re-sizing or rotating a picture could take much longer.What we do not see when we re rotating or re-sizing a picture is the intensive algorithms that are within the program, to us it is Just the simple click of a button. This is why I chose to watch the video as well as read an article about the past twenty years of Adobe Photoshop. In reading I was very surprised to find out that the original software ImagePro was turned down by Apple before Adobe purchased it and released it as Adobe Photoshop in the early 1990s (West). After finishing my annotated bibliography and research paper I look forward to having a much better understanding of Graphic Design.I suppose it will give me more respect for the career field I have chosen, simply because I took the time to find out more about its history rather than Just learning what I have to.

I also hope to have a more in depth knowledge of my writing assignments. At the beginning of this I had no idea how to do an annotated bibliography or a research paper, but in the end I intend to understand both the process and benefits of both. Works Cited "A look back at 20 years of Adobe Photoshop with one of the founders. " Youtube. web. 12 Feb 2011.

This video is an interview with one of the creators ofAdobe Photoshop, John Knoll. He answers questions, reflects back on when Photoshop was Just an idea, and tells about the Journey it has taken him on. He also goes on to talk about the experiences it nas given him, such as working witn James Cameron the director of Avatar. Beckman, David, and David Hirsch. "Mac is Back in Town. " ABA Journal 87 (2001): 70.

ProQuest Criminal Justice Periodicals. PROQUESTMS. 19 Feb. 2011 In this article Beckman and Hirsch talk about Macs new operating system, OS X and discuss some of the new features it has to offer.

This system is said to be more user friendly and much more reliable. They also talk about how many people are Just more comfortable with a PC rather than a Mac. Bista, Bharat "Brief History of Graphic Design. " www.

buzzle. com. n. p July 29, 2006. web. 9 Feb.

2011. The author Bharat Bista focuses more on the early history of graphic design rather than later on when the personal computer was introduced. It does however briefly cover everything from the first written word to telling about Milton Glaser. Milton Glaser created the I Love NY campaign and the first Bob Dylan poster.It also goes into a small amount of detail about present day graphic design.

Cramsie, Patrick. The Story of Graphic Design: from the invention of writing to the birth of digital design. London: The British Library, 2010. Print. In this book Patrick Cramsie tells us about graphic design from the first written words, books, and manuscripts to the digital age of design with logos, maps and books appearing on computer screens.

This book has a good deal of information on the new technology that is being used in graphic design today such as the iPhone, Intel computer chip and Amazon's Kindle DX.Heller, Steven and Georgette Ballance. Graphic Design History. Google Books. 001 Google.

Ebook. 9 Feb. 2011. This book focuses more on different articles, designers, and essays that play a major role in graphic design history.

The authors believe that young and aspiring graphic designers would benefit more from learning about these things rather than telling an in-depth history of graphic design. "History of Graphic Design. " Jdapublishing. com. JDA Publishing, n. d.

web. 9 Feb. 2011. This article gives examples of technology that have changed graphic design.The printing press, photography and film making, computers, the internet and graphic design software.

The article also states that graphic design software and the internet may have been the greatest technological advancement in graphic design. Meggs, Philip. A History of Graphic Design 3rd Ed. Canada: John Wiley ; Sons, Inc. , 1998. Print.

This book gives a very in depth history of graphic design. It has been expanded so now there are over 1,000 illustrations, works of many graphic designers from around the world and features many breakthrough technologies.