How to Motivate Employees BUS 201 Principles of Management Prof Brittney Davis By Alesia Smith March 18, 2013 How to Motivate Employees The typical employee needs to be able to provide for their family as well as have job security. At the same time an employee needs to have social interaction with in the work places as well as feel good about his or her self and have respect from others in the work place. Employees want to know that manages realize their full potential in the work place. Meeting the needs of employees give the organization better workers who take pride in the company they work for.

The best way to do this is by giving an example of motivation in action when working in a restaurant as a cook the manager did all the training of employees. Mr. Andrews first step was hire a person that needed a job and was willing to work hard. Although she cooked at home it was a big difference for her since this was her first job since her children were little. She had been everywhere looking for work but no one was willing to take a chance on her. By hiring her, he gave her self-esteem a lift he also told her he had confidence that she would do a great job.

By hiring her he knew that she would work hard as well as do the best she could, and be more willing to learn all aspects of the business. The fact that she went from no income to an income filled the personal need of providing for her family as well as the self-esteem need by his faith in her ability to do the job. “ By providing a level of pay that enables a person to buy food and clothes and have adequate housing. ” ( Jones & George2011) After two weeks training she was places on the night shift from ten pm to six am this gave her chance to enhance her ability as a cook since it was a slow paced shift.

Mr. Andrews used the employees on each shift to assist him in evaluating the employee’s ability to work well with others as well as how well they did their job on that shift. By doing this How to Motivate Employees he made each employee feel important to the business and motivated them to do their best to serve customer. Mr. Andrews gave raise as well as gave promotions to his employees based on their evaluation. Employees knew that the better job they did the more pay as well as moving up in the company.

Within six months the employee he hired move up from shift leader to second shift manager which made her feel even better about herself and her ability to do her job. “By granting promotions and recognizing accomplishment”(Jones & George2011) such as the above instant he fulfill her self-esteem needs again making her feel capable. The fact that Mr. Andrews set a good example for his employees earns their respect and they earn his by their performance at work. Everyone worked as a team and enjoyed working for him and the company and always put forth their best effort to meet customers’ needs as well.

Our book states “that motivation is high when workers believe that high level of effort leads to high performance and high performance leads to the attainment of desired outcome. ” (Jones & George 2011) I believe that Mr. Andrews meant the expectancy theory in the fact that he knew that his employees would give a high performance and have a good outcome from it. Everyone wants to move forwards in a company and that is what helps them to perform better, employees knew that under Mr. Andrews’s management they would move up in the company as well as have job security.

The fact that he expected more of his employees told them that they could do more for their company so they also had high expectation for their selves as well. Mr. Andrews fulfilled all the requirement of hierarchy of needs as you can see by the way he conducted hiring of employees, to training, and promotion of his employees. Employees were proud to work for him and benefit from his business management knowledge. How to Motivate Employees Reference: Jones, G. , & George, J. (2011). Essentials of contemporary management (4th Ed. ). Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin.