Group Dynamics Group dynamics concerns different areas of a group's fine points. In area one, this essay will present an examination of a selected group's description, covering the group's objectives, demographic environment, gender, and education level of the group. In the second area of the selected group the author will investigate the developmental stages and its functions.

The next area will focus on the structure of the group and how it effect's the group's performance. In the fourth area of the group's dynamics the author will offer an explanation of the selected group's behavior.Last, there will be a review on the effect that the group has placed on the author in terms of group popularization, conformity, and grouping. Description of the Group of Cashiers The group the author has chosen to speak on is that of a department.

Being a cashier, working with a number of women in a chain store can be a task. Moreover, working as a group can be taxing as well as rewarding depending on how the group subtleties are managed. In a company such as Wall-Mart Inc. The goal of the cashiers collectively is to not only assist the customer in an efficient manner, but one's co- rocker additionally. Sam Walton, the founder, believed in the power of teamwork; furthermore as the stores grow and the pace of modern life quickens, that philosophy of teamwork has only become more important over the years (Wall-Mart, 2011).

" Cashiering in a Wall-Mart during the author's time there dealt with being fast paced with accuracy. Accuracy was important because the individual was handling large amounts of money and trying to keep with the speed that the company required. This area of the business was dominated by women that ranged in experienced.Some where there possessing complacent feelings, while other were passing through seeking their ultimate goals in life; that which did not concern Wall- Mart Inc. At all.

However it may be the cashiers the majority of the cashiers had something in common, the warmth and competence necessary to assist the customers. "Warmth and competence represent the central dimensions of group stereotypes, the majority of which are ambivalent - characterizing groups as warm but incompetent or competent but cold, in turn eliciting ambivalent feelings and actions toward members of those groups (Cuddy et al, 2011).Though there were those that showed little concern to the customers, but the majority of the cashiers not only showed respect to the consumers, but to each other due to the sense of being in a positive atmosphere amongst those that cared about one another. As in any group of cashiers, there was the adding, moving and dismissal of some individuals. The real question is how we achieved that essence of togetherness, which leads to the next area of the group's dynamics.

Stages of Development the Cashiers Experienced Groups usually go through what is known as Dustman's Group Stages of Development.This model consists originally of four stages with a fifth added in 1977. Walt ten Irregular althorns Ana canalling AT scanners ten group went tongue various stages at different periods of time; however Dustman's model can be applied to this group stage of development. "Each phase of this development model possess challenges to a group of people striving to work together successfully by forming a cohesive team; in addition the team and the organization can take specific actions at each stage of team development to support the team's success in accomplishing the am mission (Hatfield, 2011).

During the period of employment the author did go through different stages due to issues such as adding new team members, which took the group earlier stages. "The length of time necessary for progressing through these stages depends on the experience of the members, the support the team receives and the knowledge and skill of the team members (Hatfield, 2011). " Structure of the Cashiers and the Effect it has on the Effectiveness of the Cashiers The most important elements of group structure are roles, norms, values, communication patterns, and status differentials Ex & Bruit, 2008). In the element of roles, the cashiers understand their overall position in the company; it is within the group that the individual may have concerns in finding their additional position. It does not take long for a productive or unproductive, which will require more training and if still found not productive enough, a possible termination.

When a cashier is productive on the front line, that individual begins her Journey into the group's ways or standards. Norms are explicit or implicit standards that govern behavior Ex ; Bruit, 2008). There were many standards with this group. The one standard that was very important was to be honest when scanning because the group individually was investing in stock and felt if an individual stole from the company that person was stealing from the group as a whole. The same went for the values of the group. There was one value that surpassed all others, that was to help each other, especially with large purchases.

The group's communication pattern was that was decentralized, meaning this group shared information through.Last, is the group's status differential, task specific status characteristics, which the group shares naval to possess ten necessary mathematical Skills to operate ten register, packing abilities to properly handle the customer's products, and the understanding of the customer's needs of being accurately assisted. Explain the Dynamics of Group Behavior of Cashiers Groups can achieve various goals by performing relatively independently. "According to Thomas (1976), the nature of intercrop interactions depends largely on the degree to which groups must interact in order to achieve their goals (I. , their interdependence), and the degree of compatibility between the goals of different groups Ex & Bruit, 2008). " For example normally, cashiers ran their own registers; however at times the cashiers would become overwhelmed with patronage of the store and if one becomes too busy and another is not the less busy cashier would invite customer from the demanding line into their line.

Additionally, if there was a cashier that was bombarded with one customer and the other cashier was not busy that cashier would turn their light off on their register to assist the crowed cashier; quickly minimizing that line of customers.Cashiers perform many tasks in their department both individually and together, which leads to the last topic of this composition. Group Effect on the Author in Group Popularization, Conformity, and Grouping Despite the potential value of agreement, it is possible that agreement may be too high. When the members of a team agree on everything, they may suppress needed debate and cause the team to become extremely resistant to change. In group popularization a weak individual tends to align themselves with the group. This is not he characteristic of the author.

Though caring for the group as a whole, the author definitely believes in herself and has a strong character. As for conformity, the following of others instead of self, as stated before the author has a tough personality, but when she feels something will benefit the team there is conformity exhibited. "Janis (1982) referred to such a dynamic as grouping, which he defined as a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when the members' striving for unanimity overrides their titivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of actionist & Bruit, 2008). The author is one that is motivated by the greater good of the group as a whole with the considerations of feeling what may work for one may not work for all. The cashiers worked together and made decisions that never failed or placed the front line under any misfortune.

Conclusion Group dynamics concerns different areas of a group's fine points. In the author's review of her time as a cashier, she outlined those fine points that were important to her and the discussion. The author identified Dustman's Model of Group Development as best to describe the group of individuals she previously worked with.In cashiering, each individual plays an important role.

Along with working in groups sun as tense ten Monolinguals Decode calculated Walt n ten norms Ana values AT ten group, performing and communicating in like manners, with the ability to maintain self as the author has done during this period of employment with this particular company.