This is a point that the opposing side could bring up. Con Modified genes may escape and transfer in the wild.

Heartsickness's genes from crops may cross into the wild weed population, creating a supersede that is impossible to kill with herbicides. Pro (Refutes above) There is just as much of a chance of genes escaping out of traditional bred crops than modified crops. In the LLC S. Foods are not labeled to show if they contain genetically engineered plants or not. Food labeling is not necessary, because the introduced genes and their protein products are generally recognized as safe.Rebuttal against anyone talking about potential Increase In allergies! The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates prod suction and labeling of genetically engineered foods.

Some people have raised concerns that the genes from one food that are inserted into another food may cause an allergic reaction. However, in January 2001, the Fad's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition proposed that developers of bioengineering food submit scientific and safety information to the FDA at least 120 days before the food is marketed More against allergy claims.Getting rid of one insect with the modified plant can introduce more insects without the first species there. Also, introducing the Bit toxin into plants for a long time will allow organisms to develop a natural resistance to the toxin. However, how would more insects be introduced? It wouldn't get rid of the insect, it would keep the insect from eating the plant by eliminating the insect currently doing the damage.

The weed population will increase significantly, ND will end up with a resistance to chemicals and herbicides.Will result in 'supersedes' H forever, All food can have adequate vitamin content as long as it's fresh and hasn't had the nutrients cooked out of it. Vitamin enhancements is just trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist. However, introducing more vitamins into food such as the "golden rice" can increase the amount of vitamins in the food, so more people are getting nutrition The genes in the modified plants can change over time. Plant disease could break out as a result of plant modifying.