All of the following enchance the effectiveness of punishment except
increasing the reinforcer deprivation level
The word POSITVE PUNISHMENT refers to the fact that
something is added
Generally speaking, the more intense the punisher, the
more it suppresses behavior
When a student repeatedly behaves in an inappropriate way, probably the teacher s first step should be to
try to discover what is reinforcing the behavior
Any event that follows a behavior and makes that behavior less likely to occur is called a
Differencial reinforcement is best used in combination with
Research has shown that abnormal behavior is often
an inappropriate way of obtaining appropriate reinforcers
The correct term for a stimulus that acts as a punisher is
Delaying delivery of a punisher is most likely to
reduce its effectiveness
Self awareness means
observation of our behavior
In the treatment of long-standing self-injurious behavior, punishement is often
According to B.F. Skinner, we develop self-awareness largely through
the comment of other people
Lying is probably often the result of
negative reinforcement
Each of the following is a self-control technique except
The self-control technique of counting the number of times behavior occurs is called
In her work with porpoises, Karen Pryor gradually realized that what she had to do to get novel behavior from the animals was to
reinforce novel behavior
Whether children imitate an aggressive model depends largely on
whether the model's behavior is reinforced or punished
The tendency to imitate modeled behavior even when doing so is not reinforced is called
generalized imitation
Observational learning may be defined as
a change in behavior due to observationing a model
Discuss the role of obsevational learning in criminal behavior
Criminals learn how to become criminals by either watching others or being taught how to commit crimes.. Children who grow up in dysfunctional families or are surrounded by family members that engage in or support criminal behavior can learn to become criminals. Just like most children learn how to properly behave and act these children learn how to commit crimes.

The boy who watches his father beat his mother, is more likely to grow up and beat his wife or girlfriend.

Sea World uses---------- to train and maintain behavior with birds and Marine Mammals
Variable ratio reinforcement variety
Sea World trainer's use
operant conditioning
Howard studied had for his math test and found tha wha the learned helped him on his physics test . Howard benefited from
generalization (what u learnd in class can help)
Jill trains her dog, Boozer, to come to ther when she snaps her fingers. she snaps her fingers, then gives the dog a bit of food when it approaches .

fingers snapping is a/an

Providing different consequences for different responses can enhance discrimination training. This finding is called the
differential outcomes effect
An ------ is a stimulus that indicates that a particular behavior will be reinforced
When a behavior reliably occurs in the presence of an S+ but not in the presence of an S-, we can say the behavior is
under stimulus control
Learning is a vital importance because so many problems that face society involve
Substance that damage the nervous system are called
Does learning inevitably mean progress? why or why ot
Forgetting is the deterioration of
Memories that cannot be expressed are called