To begin with I would like to dwell on the main points I like in the films above mentioned. As it can be seen from the list of my favorite movies I prefer adventurous and science-fiction films. In my opinion a good film must catch your attention from the very beginning with a hint of mysterious riddle which must be solved; it has to be present up to the end of the movie.

I think that a really interesting film must have an unexpected end with the good winning the evil, as it is always expected. Besides, good films usually have some philosophic messages about what is right to do and what is wrong. That can teach people a good lesson. I think it is extremely important, as every year less and less people read the books. Instead they prefer surfing the Internet, playing computer games, just doing nothing or watching some film.

I think that people, especially youngsters, have to watch good films in order to learn some eternal truths or moral values. I am against the violence in films, where there are rivers of blood and a pile of dead bodies as they force people to behave in a cruel way and teach people, especially young ones, nothing but aggression and indifference towards others. To my mind it is essential for the producers to realize that the film they are producing will become an example of behavior for the audience in the near future. Maybe there would be less cruelty and violence in the streets.From the above written we can make a conclusion that you need a lot of components to make a good film.

First of all you need an excellent script. The plot of the story must have emotional appeal and include a problem to be solved. Then the producer selects the actors for the main parts. It may be the most important moment as one and the same actor can be brilliant for one part and good for nothing in another. It is the imagination of the producer that helps to choose the right man for the right place.

I consider these points to be crucial for any film. According to the degree of the importance to my mind after the role of the plot, producer and actors, there goes a special role of effects and music. However, sometimes these points play the main part in expressing and comprehending the emotional appeal of the film as it was in Matrix. In this film the special effects showed the superpowers of the main hero which allegorically showed that no machine could defeat a mman as he was the creator of the artificial machine world. The same can be seen in the trilogy Lord of the Rings. Here special effects played the main role as all the heroes and even the countries were thought out by the writer of the book and do not exist in reality.

So, I can conclude that special effects are of crucial importance in the science-fiction films. What concerns music, I classified it as an additional source of expressing emotional appeal because different pieces of music of different emotional coloring are used to underline different emotional states of the heroes, states of nature reflecting this or that dramatic situation, and so on. It is also very important for expressing the full picture of the film, but to my mind it just underlines the necessary moments intensifying the work expressed by the actors, producer and operator.In conclusion, I want to stress that in spite of my classification of the qualities the good film has to have, into those of crucial importance and those of secondary, I think that only when all of them work together in a system and suit each other perfectly a really good film can be made. One cannot split a film which is a single whole into the spare parts.