Fast food is unhealthy; leads to obesity and disease, but the convenience and addictiveness of it contributes to the laziness of the general population. Most people eat fast food for the lack of time then having prepare a decent meal. It seems as though there is a fast food restaurant on every street corner while driving home. The general population oversees the fact that eating nothing but these greasy foods will attribute to weight gain. Fast food is addictive for the convenience of it and in which it tastes so good. Additionally, the variety of fast food restaurants provides timely manners for people with different work hours; compared to whom works a normal nine to five job. For instance, people try dieting and then will starve their body by not eating anything at all or just salads that will go nowhere fast. The human body needs heavy calories to burn off and produce healthy enzymes and glycogen. Specifically, this helps produce bigger muscles and thicker bone density. Eating nothing at all will still not help a person get healthier because the human brain needs carbohydrates and proteins to function properly. Naturally, eating too much fast food leads to obesity which leads to diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure; which then leads to laziness. Laziness is one of the biggest factors to weight gain. What a vicious circle this is; being too tired to cook after working all day, the convenience of fast food then laziness and furthermore, the unnecessary results of obesity and disease.