Fast food is the term linking to the food is prepared and served quickly. It is a fact that there is a rapid rise in the number of Mc Donal, KFC, Bugger King restaurants over the world as a oblivious evidence for the hot trend of ready-food in fast-paced and sedentary life. However, like everything, it has its own pros and cons. The most demonstrable advantage of fast food is saving time. In today modern life, people feel comfortable and convernient when they order a pizza or bugger after a hard and late work instead of spending a lot of time to cook the meal. Moreover, some fast food companies also establish a quick widow in their restaurant to help drivers buy and take away this food easier.

To some extend, cost also consider a benefit of fast food. In reality, a single one can pay a small amount of money for a meal with fries or bread and soda while a whole family has a bigger expense. Furthermore, fast food does raise health concern, however people can chose good foods in menu in restaurants such as: salads , boiled chicken and fruit drinks. These smart choices not only save time but also provide nutrient food. Usually, fast food has higher calories, salt and additives than home cooking food. That leads to several healthy problem .

One of them is very dangerous-cardiovascular disease. Other serious worry is obesity which is on a rise in some rich countries like America, England, Australia. Regarding to the NBER Bulletin on Aging and Health, fast food effects the obesity rates of 3 millions school children and weights gain over 3 millions pregnant women. Beside adverse effects on health, fast food also contributes on spending less and less time for members of family coming together. Because the home meal is long enough to talk and share experiences and teenagers tend to hangout with their friends and peers in fast food centers instead of with their family. In conclusion, there are many debates among advantages and disadvantages of fast food. People can not deny that it saves time and makes fast-paced life more convenient but citing several points of its drawback also awake young generations avoid healthy problems and imbalance of modern life.