Community Profile Comparison ETH/316 October 10, 2012 Community Profile Comparison ( Demographic Comparison Table (Camden, NJ/Princeton, NJ) Population| | Camden, NJ| Princeton, NJ| Total Population CaucasianAfrican AmericanAsianOther| 78,79017%52%3%28%| 13,38180%6%7%7%| Median Age| 28. 5| 37| Household Demographics| | Camden, NJ| Princeton, NJ| Median Home Price| $81,600| $677,400| Median Household Income| $29,042| $83,509| Percentage of Married Population| 19. 86%| 67%|

Families with children under the age of 18| 60%| 46%| Educational Demographics| | Camden, NJ| Princeton, NJ| High School DegreeFour Year DegreeGraduate Degree| 51. 33%3. 70%1. 98%| 94. 67%30. 33%41. 24%| Community Amenities| | Camden, NJ| Princeton, NJ| SchoolsLibrariesParksChurches| 4681613| 211211| Community Affiliations| | Camden, NJ| Princeton, NJ| Religious Majority| Catholic: 32. 74%| Catholic: 28. 60%| Political AffiliationDemocratic PartyRepublican Party| 67. 37%31. 23%| 67. 29%31. 2%| Crimes: Per 100,000 Residents| | Camden, NJ| Princeton, NJ| MurderRapeRobberyVehicle Theft| 46. 892. 3900. 3656. 3| 0. 00. 029. 737. 2| Responsibilities of the Individual to the Community No matter who you are or where you live, we are all part of a bigger community. As an individual, we are still part of a family be it big or small. We all are someone's neighbor in a , tribe, village, city, county, state, region, country and the world which makes us inherently responsible to each other.

At the same time, full human potential cannot be reached if individuality is suppressed by society, First and foremost, the duties of each individual within any community are cooperation, respect and participation. An individual must think beyond themselves and always be vigilant that they are just a part of a larger intently even if the individuals in that intently have different believes, religions or interests . In all free societies there is a constant struggle between individual rights and individual responsibilities. According to the U. S.

Department of State, every Individual right has a corresponding duty to the community and the bottom line is that all have the responsibility of the individual to watch over others in the a community to make sure that common ste standards are objective are obtained and that they are beneficial to all. According to John B. Cobb, Jr. , Ph. D. who is Professor of Theology Emeritus at the Claremont School of Theology, " In a community the idea of the common good takes on a far richer meaning than in a society understood as founded only on a compact and made up of atomic individuals.

Because the good of each is bound up with the good of others, we can consider which changes in the society as a whole conduce to the good of those who participate in it. " If you choose or not to be a part of a community, we still have the same obligations to the community of which we are a part. Responsibility of the Community to the Individual Defining Social Responsibility within the Community Conclusion References Princeton, NJ Livability Score. (2012). areavibes. Retrieved from http://www. areavibes. com/princeton-nj/livability/  trulia. 2012). Princeton Township Real Estate Overview. Retrieved from http://www. trulia. com/real_estate/Princeton_Township-New_Jersey/  Sperlings. (2010). Best Places to Live in Camden, New Jersey. Retrieved from http://www. bestplaces. net/city/new_jersey/Camden  U. S. State Census Bureau. (2010). New Jersey. Retrieved from http://quickfacts. census. gov/qfd/states/34000. html Cobb, J. B Jr. (2011) The Common Good: Individual Rights and Community Responsibility Retreived from http://www. religion-online. org/showarticle. asp? title=3351