There are many different denominations of Christianity and many of them have their own style of Church, however all have the same basic objects.

For example most of them have an altar and all except the Orthodox have pews to sit on during services. Another thing which most churches have in common are stained glass windows, these often depict a Bible story or character. The reason for this is that in the Middle Ages, many people couldn't read so that these windows showed a story to make the Bible Sermons they heard 'come alive'.A third aspect that all churches have in common is that they will all have a Cross somewhere, obviously representing the Cross on which Jesus died.

There are many different types of Cross which the different churches use. Another object which can be found in all churches is a Font; in Church of England churches this is next to the entrance to represent the beginning of life. However each different type of church often has some things that are unique to that denomination.For example Church of England (CofE) and Roman Catholic churches are very similar and each of their churches are built in a Cruciform shape, with the top facing east, so that the sun always shines through the windows in morning services. This is to represent Jesus as the light of the world.

Another object within a church of these denominations is the Lecturn which can be in the shape of an Eagle to symbolize John's Gospel and God's message spreading to the world. A third object which is unique to these churches is that there are choir pews just in front of the Sanctuary; other denominations have a choir but not always these special pews.Roman Catholic also have some objects unique to them such as the Confessional, where you can be forgiven your sins by a priest and a statue of the Virgin Mary in the top left corner. Two other denominations that have relatively similar churches are the Methodists and the Baptists, their churches are much more simple and plain when compared with those of Catholic and CofE. This is because they believe that the word of God should take preference. This is shown in the fact that the Pulpit is always in the centre, and there is no altar.

Something which is unique to Baptist churches is that there is a Baptistry, where during the service of 'Baptism' a person is wholly immersed in water. This usually only happens when a person becomes an adult. In Methodist churches as well as the Pulpit being in the centre it is also raised up, again to show the importance of the Bible readings. One type of church that is very different to all others is the Quaker Meeting house, where all the pews are sometimes laid out in a circle around a table with a Bible on it.Similarly to Methodist churches the Meeting House is very plain as Quakers also don't believe in very ornate churches, focusing more on God's message. Another type of church is that used by Russian or Greek Orthodox, these are often very ornate indeed with lots of frescos on the walls and ceiling.

An example of something that is unique about Orthodox churches is that there are no pews at all and worshipers have to stand during services, however there are seats at the side for the elderly.There is a partitioning wall called an Iconostasis which separates the Sanctuary from all but the priest's view. The Iconostasis usually has pictures of saints which are often surrounded by gold leaf. In the middle of this wall there are the Royal doors and a curtain shrouding the altar, which sits behind it, from view. Along the length of the building there are stands for pictures of saints, also called icons.

Another aspect which differs from other churches is that inside the church women must always wear head scarves and men must not wear shorts.