The Holy Eucharist which is also known as Holy Communion.

We always celebrate this sacrament every Sunday and the masses which we are obliged to attend. The priest always gives us sermons and there are lessons that we acquire from them. We are always reminded that Jesus sacrificed Himself for us for the atonement of our sins. It is also a way for us to be closer to Him.

Nowadays, some people are not giving importance to the mass and just say it’s a waste of time.But for me, it’s not. Through mass, I learn a lot and give me a sense of safety wherever I go. And it’s also a way for me to thank God for everything he had done and given me. Sometimes, you can see people in the church only talking and not listening to the homily.

This is often what I observed. It is truly saddening because God gave us this sacrament to listen to the word of God and yet we are not listening. I, too, sometimes don’t listen because I’m with my friends.You can’t just help it chatting with your companion; there is so many temptations that can lead to not listen to the mass. But if you truly want to hear the mass, you will stop.

There is also another thing that I observe; other people went with their family. Sometimes I envy them because my mother is not here and I’m not with my father, for my brothers they are always busy and sometimes not in the house. When I see family going to church, they are happy and altogether they listen. It is a wonderful sight and I wonder if my family is here will we be like that too?Even though we are not complete now, I feel blessed that I still able to go to mass and pray. And also for a chance for letting me to be closer to Him. I should encourage people to go to mass because it is just one hour and once a week.

We have given many days for us, so we should at least give time for God. God is reaching for us so we should let not waste this opportunities that He had given us. We don’t know when we will die so we should spend our time believing and doing what is our mission here.