In the following summary the authors will find national, state and local governmental health agencies websites that addresses teen pregnancy. In addition, the authors will address how the information over lap, the type of structure at each governmental level, and the functions at each level. In conclusion, explain how each level of government works together and define public and community health. Public health involves the work of governmental health agencies. Public health agencies play a very important role in human health.

Public health surveillance reflects the roles and responsibilities of governmental health agency at the state, local, and national levels, when monitoring disease patterns, the cause of diseases, recommendations in addressing these issues, and evaluate the effects (Riegelman, 2010). Epidemiology is information that supports specific diseases. Surveillance is what monitors, and analysis of the health information or data. The epidemiology and surveillance concept are critical in monitoring diseases and predicting the effect of these diseases on communities.

When applying these concepts, this gives a critical examination of information and it corporates the data on health outcomes that can be related. This data that is being tracked gives an opportunity in comparing the information in time and across the global areas (Riegelman, 2010). Public health is often associated with the work of the governmental health agencies. The role of the government is just a portion in public health but a very important element. Health agencies, as well has an important role in human health and environmental issues.Governmental health agencies role is prevent the spread of diseases, protect against environmental hazards, respond to disasters, and promote health behaviors.

Public health agencies work together in accomplishing many functions because it is their responsibility as a whole (Riegelman, 2010) Public health is a state responsibility. State health agencies sometimes gain authority, receiving the help of federal government, or authorize the responsibility or authority to local agencies at other levels.Local health departments are empowered from the state agencies to the local agencies, and often at times has independence in setting their own structure and hold up their own funding. Today, with national levels of public health agencies, the federal government plays a role in public health issues and local agencies. The federal government role in public health is to provide funding and regulate commerce between states. This funding has requirements in order to become approved for the funding (Riegelman, 2010).

Public and community work together as a whole. Public health is dealing with the health of the population of people and the health of communities as a whole. Public health is basically community health because it focuses on the community of people at a state, local and national level. Public health is the efforts of public and private evidence based that cares for and advance health and keeping diseases, disability, and deaths from happening or occurring (Riegelman, 2010).