Through out the years people have relied on their health care providers for medical treatments. Now a day, people have the opportunity to research about any illness, medical concern, medical diagnosis and any type of disease in the Internet.

There are many health care organizations that offer people around the world with information about drugs, illnesses, diseases, outbreaks, treatments, preventions and the list goes endless.In this paper the writer will review and summarize governmental health agency websites. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a national organization that provides information about outbreaks, diseases, preventions and more to the public. In this website a person can find the latest information about recent outbreaks in the community.

This website also provides tips about prevention and what to do if a person becomes exposed to an outbreak.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated their website to inform the community about certain outbreaks in multistate of fungal meningitis, Salmonella bredeney infections linked to peanut butter manufactured by Sunland and Listeriosis linked to imported frescolina ricotta cheese (CDC, 2012). Public Health is a global organization that provides information to the public about disease prevention, healthy lifestyles practice, disease education and researches for the prevention of injuries.Public health’s primary concern is to protect a population by preventing diseases.

The population can be a small town or an entire country. Public health’s main function is to prevent health issues from happening within a population or prevent the re-occurrence of diseases by “implementing educational programs, developing policies, administering services, regulating health systems and some health professions, and conducting research” (Public health, 2012).Services provided by Public Health includes education about behavioral science, biostatistics, emergency edical services, environmental health, epidemiology, international health, maternal and child health and nutrition (Public Health). These two organizations have a similar functional and structural governmental level; both organizations tend to overlap on health care issues, diseases, preventions and education.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overlooks researches of new vaccines on a specific outbreak. It maintains static information of a given outbreak within a population and maintains up to date information of the progress and outcome of such outbreak.When an outbreak occurs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention starts an investigation on how the outbreak began, the near by population is informed of such outbreak; the CDC takes preventive measures to ensure that the unaffected population is not affected. Once the outbreak is under control and the source is identified the CDC works towards providing the community with enough information about the preventive measures.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also gives information about the source of the outbreak.This information is forward it to the Food and Drug Administration in order to start a recall product if the source is food or drug related. The Food and Drug Administration is a government agency that overlooks the research process and approval of new drugs, food preparation, and it extends to medical equipment, cosmetics, laboratories equipment and more. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provides information about recalls of medications, medical products and food to ensure the safety of the community (FDA).Public Health researches information and statistic reports about diseases and illnesses that can affect the community.

Public Health is a global agency; therefore, the population that is researched can be a small community such as a town or a whole country. When a specific disease or illness is identified as a potential problem, the community is educated through preventive measures such as free check out clinics or mobile clinics, television commercials, billboards, and others. At a governmental level, the emphasize goes to prevention.There are certain illnesses and diseases that can be prevented by modifications in lifestyles; there are others that cannot be prevented due to genetics.

Preventive measures always starts with education. By educating the community about potential disease and illnesses, the community becomes aware of the risk and permanent damages in their health. If we take a look at Public Health and Community Health, they are both concern about the population’s health and threats. As mentioned before Public promotes prevention of diseases and illnesses by educating the public of a small town or a country.

Community Health also promotes prevention in a given community. In conclusion, people are always researching information in the Internet. When it comes to health care, people research their disease or illness, or simply a person can look for preventive measures. Government agencies and state agencies contribute in the education of the population. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and Public Health they all have a common goal, to educate the public and the community in order to prevent further complications in the community’s health.