Dear Mr Shakespeare, I am just writing to congratulate you on your most recent successful play, "Twelfth Night" my Family and I saw it last night and thought it was amazing! Wherever the inspiration for this play came from was truly amazing, and I certainly would be very curious as to where else these inspirations may lead, maybe into a sequel to Twelfth Night or another play of this genre. My wife especially enjoyed the roles of Voila/Cesario, she found a woman in the disguise of a man was hilarious. My son and I enjoyed the fight scene the best, where Cesario is set to fight Sir Andrew.The standard in which the fight scene was performed was incredible. It was a great success and was a terrific turning point in the play. I thought the fight scene was a totally different play in itself from all the other scenes because the fight scene stood out and had extremely funny parts yet also serious parts.

Sir Toby had deliberately challenged Cesario to fight Sir Andrew because Olivia was in love with Cesario, and Sir Toby convinced Sir Andrew to fight for what was his. Sir Toby wants Sir Andrew to win so he will stay and continue to be his drinking companion, If Sir Andrew's there Sir Toby can get his drinks for free.But if Sir Andrew went home, Sir Toby wouldn't get free drinks, he would have to pay himself. Sir Toby has reasons for thinking Olivia likes Cesario as Olivia said to Cesario, "Wear this jewel for me, 'tis my picture" Olivia wanted Cesario to have her picture to remember how beautiful she was. Cesario Misinterprets this and thinks Olivia is giving him the picture for her master and so she says "Nothing but this - your true love for my master" she means, is that all you're going to give to my master when he's supposed to be your true love.Olivia makes it obvious that she likes Cesario because she said to him, " Well, come again tomorrow Fare thee well" Sir Toby tells Cesario he must fight Sir Andrew, and whoever wins gets the heart of Olivia.

Sir Toby set the fight for his own entertainment. Cesario tells Sir Toby he is mistaken and said "No man can quarrel with me, and my image to everyone is not of this nature. " Cesario means, he hasn't done or said anything to anyone so why should anyone want a fight with him? His image is not like that and his reputation is far too good to have a fight.Sir Toby then tells Cesario he has to fight Sir Andrew otherwise he will look a coward and look a fool for turning down a fight. Cesario asks Sir Toby what his challenger is like, Sir Toby explains, "he is knight, dubbed with unhatched rapier.

" This means he is a knight (but not fighting in battles) and his sword never leaves his side (he rarely draws his sword) but that doesn't mean he can't fight. Cesario says, "I am no fighter...

" Sir Toby replied "Sir, no. His indignation derives itself out of a very competent injury...

" Sir Toby is trying to say, No, you cant refuse a fight, it would be an insult.He then said, "back you shall not to the house," meaning you can't go home either. Viola said, "I beseech you do me this courteous office as to know of the knight what my offence to him is. " Viola means please be kind enough as to tell me how I have offended this knight. Sir Toby then went to get Sir Andrew. He knew he couldn't leave Cesario unattended because he might run off, so he leaves Fabian to keep guard of Cesario while he's fetching Sir Andrew.

Sir Toby meets Sir Andrew and he tells him Cesario is the one who Olivia likes and how he's a good skilful swordsman.Sir Andrew doesn't particularly want to fight Cesario as when he met Cesario he told him he would give up his horse if he left him alone. Beforehand Cesario told Fabian he would rather fight a priest than a knight. Sir Toby said to Fabian and Cesario how much of a devil and a good fighter Sir Andrew was.

He then told them both he had fought with Sir Andrew himself and he was very good. Sir Andrew then replied, "Pox on't I'll not meddle with him" Sir Andrew said this because he was scared to fight and didn't particularly want to fight anyone.Sir Toby tells Cesario and Sir Andrew separately that they must fight each other but not hurt each other. Then they both reluctantly draw their swords.

Suddenly Antonio bursts in and takes Cesario's side thinking he is Sebastian. Antonio offers to fight on behalf of Cesario but Sir Toby draws his sword to stop him. The officers then turn up to see Cesario and Sir Andrew with swords, then they spot Antonio. Fabian then broke the drama by saying "O good sir Toby, hold. Here come the officers" meaning do not continue the fight.Sir Andrew said to Cesario "Marry, will I, sir; and, for that I promised you I'll be good as my word.

He will bear you easily and reins. " Sir Andrew is trying to give a peace offering to Cesario. Sir Andrew means he would stick to his word and give up his horse. Then an officer said, "Antonio, I arrest thee at the suit of count Orsino" Antonio told both the officers they had made a mistake. Antonio basically said to Cesario (thinking he was Sebastian) I must obey, I have been caught by seeking you.

I want some money from you. Cesario asked "what money, Sir?For the fair kindness you have showed me here. And part being prompted by your present trouble, Out of my lean and low ability I'll lend you something. My having is not much; I'll make division of my present with you.

Hold there's half my coffer" Cesario means, you are kind enough to show me here and I have brought trouble upon you, simply out of my low intelligence, I will lend you something. Here's half of my chest, which is full of valuables. Cesario has no idea why Antonio wants money off him, but assumes he wants it because she's caused him a lot of trouble and he's been kind to her in the past.Cesario denies all knowledge of Antonio, and he is shocked. He tells both officers that Cesario's name is not Cesario and it's Sebastian. And that he rescued him from a shipwreck.

Then Antonio gets taken away by the officers. Viola realises her brother must still be alive Otherwise Antonio would realise she is Cesario and not Sebastian. After Antonio has been taken away, Sir Toby makes fun of Antonio's speech for the simple reason that he doesn't understand it, then out the blue Viola said, "He named Sebastian.I my brother know..

. Still in this fashion, colour, ornament, For him I imitate. O if it prove...

" Here, Viola admits he has been in the disguise of her brother and that every time she looks in the mirror she sees her brother, and he even wears the same clothes as him, same colour, cut, and decoration. Sir Toby says "A very Dishonest Paltry boy and more of a coward than a hare: His dishonestly appears in leaving his friends here in necessity and denying him; and for his cowardship, ask Fabian.This means Sir Toby thinks Viola is worthless and very dishonest by trying to fool everyone, he said he is not brave, he's a coward because he left all his friends in the shipwreck. Sir Andrew said "'Slid, I'll after him again and beat him" He means, by God's eye we could even fight now and I would still beat him. Sir Toby tells the rest of the people there to handcuff him quietly but not draw swords.

Fabian said, Come, lets see the event" Sir Toby replied "I dare lay any money, 'twill be nothing yet" Sir Toby means He wouldn't be going to see the event as its worthless - not worth going to see as nothing will ever become of it.