In last few years the population of the world is increasing day by day and people are facing traffic problems in big cities. Unfortunately we have little road sense and perhaps, no respect for the traffic rules. This fact has also added to road miss-haps. Therefore, this is the duty of every citizen to think over the causes of traffic accidents and help the administration in solving the problem.

No doubt, bad roads are the main cause of traffic accidents, almost all the big roads of our cities were built when the traffic was very light. But after the creation the population of these cities increased with a great speed. As our roads are very narrow for traffic which is almost double their capacity, accidents have become very common. Thus, the miserable condition of roads is the main cause of road accidents.

Another cause of traffic accident is rush driving of trucks and other heavy vehicles, sometimes technical defeats in the machinery also cause accidents, and many lives are lost. All these causes of road accidents may be checked by good administration and careful planning. If we want to solve the problem of traffic accidents in our cities, we should see that our roads are widened and re-surfaced as soon as possible. A regular campaign should be taught with the help of radio, cinema, newspaper and television.

Our traffic police should also keep regular check on the speed of motor vehicles, and the licensing department should be a bit stricter while issuing driving licenses. This is also important that the owners of all sorts of motor vehicles should be compelled to get their engines checked at least once a year; Defaulters should be severely dealt with. Some people believe that the present punishment for road accidents is not so severe as it should also be reviewed and amended. This step would make the drivers more careful.