In metropolitan cities you will find that the road network is better developed than in small cities. The smooth and wide metropolitan roads attract many buses and other forms of transport to them. The fare charged is therefore a bit more reasonable than what you would be charged by vehicle owners of small cities. This is due to the fact that with more vehicles demand will be less the supply.The development of large hotels and many flats of rental makes life more cheaper in the metropolitan cities than in smaller cities.

Some of the residential houses are even found lacking in renters due to the great supply in excess of the demand. The hotels are modern and quite comfortable. Again their great number lowers the accommodation charges they are able to quote.Social amenities like sport stadiums and recreation parks are abundant and very well developed.

During the weekends it is common to find whole families visiting the free recreation parks scattered all over the metropolitan city. Small cities have acute shortage of land to put up public amenities especially if they are to charge no entry fee.In large metropolitan cities the residents are less tribal inclined. In fact nearly everyone is found to communicate in the countries national language.

This breaks off the tribal linkage that is still there in small cities. Here you find different tribes concentrated in a particular location of the city. This is in exclusion of people from any other tribe therefore tending to encourage tribalism.More organized administration is found in metropolitan cities. This is because most of the metropolitan cities are also the capitals of the countries. Security is therefore more enhanced in such places.Most national and international meetings will be held in these metropolitan cities because their facilities like sport grounds and open public parks are large enough and more better equipped to handle such meetings.