The long and the short and the tall is a play written by Willas Hall.

The setting is set in the Malaysian Jungle. There are 7 soldiers fighting against the Japanese in a War.Bamforth is a parsimonious character who has no sympathy for anyone as well as himself. He is profoundly contemptuous about the war and the British army. He always challenges the authority of the army at every opportunity with disrespectful irony, we know that Bamforth uses such enthusiasm to grab attention, because on Act 1 Bamforth unreservedly says. "You threatening me corp?" this essentially shows how he behaves and how he has an iron fist, this leads to how on Page 6 he makes long speeches which shows his supremacy.

Bamforths's language explains how he has learned the regulations of the army and uses them against his superiority with nippy, extreme replies. Bamforth under no circumstances gives up, he is a very attention-grabbing character, and he is antagonistic towards other characters he explains. "Now he tells us! Signals! Flipping Signallers-I've shot em. Talk about the creek without a paddle.

" This shows just how much of a scallywag and a good-for-nothing slob he really is but he is the only character who can get out of trouble...very easily.

In Act 2 Bamforth changes, everything he does in Act 1 becomes an opposite from sympathy, to loud mouth Bammo, an example of his new founded attitude is. "Come on Tojo boy get a job of all this before we go." This is his power, he is still a bit rascist with the "tojoboy" stuff but he is not as rude and aggressive as before.Bamforth's verbal communication in Act 2 is poles apart to any character known in this play, his language is inflexible and audacious we can comprehend this because he says. " All right! OK All right." This explains him taking an command which he would never do in Act 1 in this act he thinks and reacts faster therefore he is my favourite character.

Another Character that changes significantly is Mitchem, he is a individual who is in charge of the whole group. He is a high-class group leader that controls everybody properly including Bamforth. He reluctantly says. " Crack the whip a bit. Set a steady pace.

I want to try and do it one stint." This is his orders he knows how to control thegroup with care. He is also a person who likes debating other soldiers making sure they realize what he means. This is shown by saying.

"I'm not a thinking kind of man. I look at facts. It happens to us all."Mitchem's Language is very strong and bold whenever he talks to his soldiers.

"Then let me put you straight, corporal. Right now. Because it's too late." This shows just how he makes his soldiers sit up and look sharp. This leads to whenever he speaks all the soldiers will listen.

"Jock-see if he's lugging anything else he's lifted from our lads."Finally Mitchem changes throughout the play whenever he does not want to be messed with and joked with at any state of affairs. "I can do just what I like, corporal I can have your guts for garters if I want." He is my favourite character because of his classic quotes.