A short history of me: The question of whether the fulfillment of certain English courses is obligatory upon me or not depends to a great deal on my educational background and experiences. I shall be very happy to describe my schooling and educational background hoping that it will eradicate any doubts pertaining to my position with respect to a good command on the English language.

I migrated to USA in 1996 and studied at the ELS (English Language School) for a period of 8 months.The English curriculum at ELS included grammar, writing and speaking courses accompanied by rigorous practice and examinations. After finishing my secondary schooling, I attended Grossmont College for 2 years where I received an associate degree in Business Administrations. During this period at Grossmont College, I had enrolled in a few English courses – ESL103, ESL106 and ENG110 – allowing me to strengthen my basic concepts and then build upon them to attain professional writing and speaking English skills.In January, 2000 I joined California State University, Long Beach majoring in Business Administrations specializing in management information systems. The three year degree involved several assignments, short-term papers, research reports, general thesis and term projects on a multitude of subjects.

These papers proved to be one of the greatest tests to my English language skills since all submissions were desired to be error-free and accurate in terms of English grammar and vocabulary.The experience was an enticing one and in summer 2003 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree GPA 3. 0 out of 4. 00. In October, 2005 I went back to USA for a pre-MBA course at San Diego State University but unfortunately did not have a chance to pursue the MBA degree for unavoidable personal reasons.

Still undeterred and willing to gain a Masters qualification, in January, 2008 I got myself enrolled at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK for an MBA degree. However, I had to terminate my study after 2 months since my sponsor refused to recognize the university and advised me to look for another recognized university for the period of study commencing fall 2008.I believe that the short compendium of my schooling and education has provided you with valuable information which suggests that I do not stand in need of any English language courses as a pre-requisite for joining your MBA program. I hope that you will consider my request for admission into your MBA program without the need of any English language courses to polish my language proficiency as I possess strong communication and analytical skills.